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Be Grateful for Work – 10 Reasons

Even though you may not always feel like going, there are at least reasons to be grateful for work. Check out this article to see 10 reasons. Then, the next time you don’t want to get out of bed and go, let these reasons you a jump start.

Most people go to work for a paycheck. The relationship between the worker and the job is strictly a paid transaction – nothing more, nothing less. For many of those people, work is a necessary evil at worst and simply a paycheck at best. If that is your sole view or work, you are missing some key benefits of working and having a job.

It’s Time to Be Grateful for Work It’s a Good Thing to Have

It is important to know that work provides benefits in three different areas of life.  These areas are: benefits to you, benefits your family, and benefits to the world at large. Let’s spend some time looking at each area in detail.

Be Grateful for Work – Benefits of Your Work to You

  • Work gives you something to do each day.
  • Work gives you an opportunity to interact with someone other than yourself.
  • Work enables you to have funds to follow your dreams.

Work has more to offer you than just a paycheck. (I am not discounting paychecks which we all need.) Work gives us something to do each day. During the current pandemic,  people all over the world have discovered that you need something to do each day. When you go to work each day there are definite tasks you have to perform. You cannot simply sit in bed and watch television all day. Having to work, even if you are working at home, causes you to get up and move. This is a reason to be thankful for our work.

Be Grateful For Work – 5 Reasons

One of the most recognizable benefits of work is that it enables us to earn income.  One of the things we can do with that income is to fund our dreams. It is important to recognize that all have dreams. Dreams are not always free. They costs money. When we work, we of course earn money to pay our bills and cover our expenses. We also work to obtain money to follow our dreams. This is yet another reason to be grateful for work.

Another great benefit of work is that it gives you the opportunity to interact with other people. Human beings are social creatures. This means that they need to talk to, see, and have contact with other human beings. Even when working at home, you talk on the phone, have video meetings, or send emails to other people.  This ability to interact with other people is a wonderful benefit of work. It helps cut down on loneliness and feelings of isolation. This is a benefit for which we should be grateful.

In other words, our work benefits us because it gives us something to do, allows us to interact with others, and enables us to finance our dreams. Work benefits us and for that, we should be grateful.

Be Grateful for Work – Benefits of Your Work to Your Family

  • Work makes it possible for you to financially care for your family.
  • Work provides an opportunity for you to model good behavior for your children.
  • Work provides sources of conversation at home.

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Not only does our work benefit us personally, but it also benefits our families. As anyone who has a family can attest, families are expensive. If your children are like mine, they want three meals per day, snacks, and midnight meals. Children need toys, clothes, and entertainment. Families support one another and that support often costs money. We have baby showers, wedding showers, and share funeral expenses for family members. Being able to financially provide for our families is a reason to be grateful for work.

Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers. We are their role models. It is our responsibility to take our children from infancy to adulthood. Our children must learn to be self-sufficient. Often this means that they must work to earn a living. When we work for others or for ourselves we model work for our children. If we have a good attitude about work, it encourages our children to think of work fondly. Children who grow up thinking of work fondly will look forward to working and caring for their families. This is a good thing and a reason to be thankful for work.

Most of us like our families. We care about them. We want to know us and care about the things we care about. Because we care about our families, we want to talk with them. No one wants to hear the same stories over, and over. Work gives us something new to talk to our families about each day. Work gives us opportunities to come home or get off the Zoom call and talk with our family members about our lives. Our work providing interesting talking points is a good reason to be grateful for work.

Work benefits our family because it provides finances, opportunities for us to model good behavior for our children, and gives us something to talk about with our families each day. Our work benefits our families and that is a good thing and a reason to give thanks.

Be Grateful for Work – Benefits of Your Work to the World at Large

  • Work is a way to make the world a better place.
  • Work helps make the world go around.
  • Work helps fuel the economy.
  • Work gives you an opportunity to share your skills and talents with the world.

Our work benefits the world at large. When you work, you are part of making the world a better place. No person is an island in the world all alone. We are part of a bigger unit. When we work, we are making the world a better place. This is because we are contributing. When we work and give our best efforts to our jobs, we encourage others to do the same. In this way, we are making the world a better place. This is a reason to be grateful for work.

3 Reasons to Be Grateful for Work

Our work makes the world go around. All jobs are important and needed. Parents always push their children to be doctors, lawyers, and teachers. However, we need trash collectors, pizza delivery people, and plumbers. Each job is needed and important. If you have ever been hungry and waiting for the pizza delivery person to show up, you understand that the pizza delivery person is an important job. If you have ever seen a sanitation strike cripple a city or town, you know that trash collectors do an important job. All your work, no matter what the job is important, and a reason to be thankful for work.

The work we do helps fuel the economy. My favorite way to explain this is to use construction workers. Construction workers work each day and need to eat lunch. On payday, those workers often go to a local diner or restaurant to eat lunch. This means that the restaurant makes money and can pay its employees. The restaurant has to buy food from a supplier. The supplier earns money. The restaurant employees get paychecks and spend those paychecks. The money multiplies and travels out in ever-increasing circles.  When you work, you spend money. This means that when you earn money you help fuel the economy. Helping the economy work better is a reason to be grateful for work.

Entrepreneur Be Thankful for Your Business – It Provides Jobs

Another benefit of work is that it gives you a chance to share your skills and talents with the world. Whether you are an artist, a salesperson, or an accountant. You have certain skills and talents that help you to do what you do. Human beings often like to show that they have expertise, skill, and talent. Our workplaces are a great place to show off what we can do. It feels good to show our skills and talents as well as to be recognized for them.  Being able to show our skills and talents is a reason to be grateful for work.

There are at least ten reasons to be grateful for work. The work we do provides benefits to us, our families, and to the world at large. These are reasons to be thankful and grateful for our work. Take a moment today to appreciate the work you do and the benefits it provides.

So, the question for you this wonderful day is are you grateful for your work?

Janeane Davis

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