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Be Happy with a Winning #CycleSurvival Kit — 19 Comments

  1. I LOVE the memory that you created for your daughter! That is a really fabulous idea. Know what? I think from now on I’m going to go get a pedicure on day 2 of my cycle, because that’s always the heaviest day, and it would give me something to look forward to.

    I can’t believe how much technology has changed with pads in just a few YEARS! I was either pregnant or breastfeeding for 4 years and didn’t have a cycle other than the awful post-pregnancy 6 week long bloodletting. I was SO shocked when I started my first period after that 4 year hiatus to find how thin and absorbent the pads had become! It’s really amazing and I am SO grateful we no longer have to wear pillows in our undies each month. #client

  2. You never know when you will need a Kotex so this is a great campaign. It is a cool idea to have a cycle survival kit!

  3. What a great way to be prepared and make the new stage of life a little easier. I’ll remember this for the future

  4. Womanhood is definitely something to celebrate! The Kotex Brand is one of my favorites as it think it truly understand what women need during that time

  5. I still have a few years before we need to start having stuff like this. YIKES. I’m nervous about it, but this all looks like great stuff!

  6. I remember when I 1st started, my mom made a huge deal out of it and my whole family came over for this backyard BBQ. It was silly and fun. We did the same for our daughters. It was great to start that off with good memories. I completely love the fancy tea party idea!

  7. I literally never even thought about this. For me it was sort of hush hush and not a big deal but what a beautiful way to embrace the transition of your child to adolescent!

  8. We also made that a special time – I bought a red rhinestone bracelet for my daughters when they started their cycle.

  9. Very good ide. We have the essentials at our house for when Our granddaughters visit.

  10. This is great! When I was a girl and started my period I was mortified having to carry all my stuff around. This would have been great. Glad my two girls can have it a bit different! Cute packaging and it isn’t as crazy as it was when I was younger!

  11. That is so cool I have a daughter who will be experiencing this momentous event soon so the timing of this could not be any better. I love the idea of Celebrating. I still remember when I first started. I was staying the night at my best friends house and I woke up to IT. By the time i came upstairs, Joyce had told her mom who proudly said to me… “Welcome to Womanhood!” You are so right… it is very memorable so make the memory a good one!

  12. Sounds like a great way to be prepared! I like to be prepared as well 🙂

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