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Be Thankful For The Job Interview: It’s A Chance to Dress Up and Get Out — 42 Comments

  1. It’s been a while since I have had to go to a job interview! I agree, that it’s a great time to dress up and look the part for the job your’ applying for.

  2. Love it – and I found when I dress up – I feel more professional – and ready…So I don’t have ‘job’ interviews – But, remember how I feel dressed up helps me in the coaching sessions with my own clients! 🙂

  3. you are absolutely right in your statements, however other than being able to dress up the anxiety of being interviewed by the company you are applying in.

  4. Wonderful article! As it say, Dress To Impress because they say First Impression’s Last. I haven’t been on a job interview for a very long time now and I would be very nervous when I go back to work someday. Oh dear! It is always nice to dress well during an interview because you are there for the job and you want to impress them and you want them to take you seriously and not a joke. Dressing up for the interview can also help your chances of getting hired.

  5. My daughter just learned this.. she had her 1st real job interview at the age of 19.. she didn’t apply for the job but her cousin got her the interview.. she went dressed in a beautiful blouse nice slacks and killer heels.. she looked amazing.. her cousin told her to go dressed nicely.. we found out later that even though she got the job and it was a bottom position the supervisors actually pay attention to how you dress when you go in for the interview and this tells them if you are the person they would like to have in the office to represent the company if they decide later to promote you.. which I know she looked amazing and when they are ready to promote she will be one of them…

  6. Great info! It has been a LONG time since I had to dress for an interview.

  7. i think people as a whole need to focus on positives in everything!! and you are right- it is a chance to dress up and go out, and do something different

  8. Thank you for the article, I have not been in the workforce for 8 years after deciding to stay home when our 1st child was born.

  9. I have not gone to a job interview in a while, but I do welcome an opportunity to get dressed up now that I work from home.

  10. Great tips for someone who’s job hunting. I love “smile to everyone you meet along the way”. Definitely something to calm those nerves.

  11. I have never really had to dress up for interviews since I worked in the design field but I always looked neat and presentable.

  12. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone on a job interview and I’d probably nervous as heck to do one now! But dressing up was always fun to do!

  13. Great tips. I try to get dressed in “real” clothing every day, whether I go out or not.

  14. I had my last interview many many years back and loved dressing up; BUT I actually dress up every day for work… and love it… working in an office with clients it’s a MUST..

  15. I am sorry to hear that. It must have been a horrible experience. I am glad the person is no longer bothering you.

  16. Exactly. There s something great about putting on a power suit with a purpose in mind.

  17. Great points – always dress for success but have a little humility, as well

  18. Dressing for success is a great first step!

  19. I actually love interviews for that very reason. I get an excuse to put on my power suits which have been collecting dust.

  20. I am actually glad that I don’t have to worry with job interviews anymore – at least not for the time being. With blogging as my business, I am able to dress how I want – up or down. I agree though that you should look your best when trying to impress someone for a job!

  21. great article and positive perspective. searching a job is also an experience to learn new things by coming out of comfort zone.

  22. Last time I had a job interview, I smiled and said hi to the wrong person and ended up with a stalker for several months until he was caught and put in jail. I stopped saying hello to people after that, it was too horrible and went on for a very long time before he was caught.

  23. IT’s been a long time since I went to an interview – I remember the dressing up though to hopefully look the part. x

  24. Great article. Though I work from home (and love it!) I always dress up for client calls (even though they can’t see me). I feel more confident and serious!

  25. I am thankful I have a ride to the interview and have clothes to wear. Someone on my sons football team didn’t have either and said they would not hire her because of it so we fixed her up and she go the job. Great tips

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