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  1. Thank you for the reminder that the decisions I make for with my business not only affects me by my writers as well.

  2. What does my business do for other? I share my life, savings, giveaways, product reviews. so I figure I am giving my fans information that they may or may not get from others.. especially when I share my trying times with my 17 year old other parents out their that may have issues with their children don’t feel alone

  3. Small business owners sometimes don’t see what a big deal they are and that they really do help the world by giving someone a job or by purchasing goods and services from another person.

  4. Good for you! It is your business and you can make it what you want. It is nice to own a business that provides nice extras for the family.

  5. It is good to be in your position and to work for a company that provides for all of your well being. You have a dream situation!

  6. Employees who feel valued and appreciated will be more loyal, flexible and do a better job.

  7. Yes, when you are a solo practitioner, you must remember that you are also an employee and treat yourself well.

  8. You are THE employee for your business and it is wonderful to have work that allows you to be where you are needed for your children when you are needed.

  9. Yes. Your work enables you to help others follow their dreams. It is a beautiful circle.

  10. And those things make you an asset to the company and the company an asset for you. A job can be more than just a paycheck.

  11. Great post– my husband has a small business…sharing this post with him!

  12. Great points! Hiring others creates a beneficial partnership that benefits us both. Thank you for writing this-Insightful!

  13. Since I consider my blog my business, it enables me to make money to help supplement my husband’s income so we can afford more things that we want and need. And it has enabled me to meet a lot of great people through it. 🙂

  14. Things that are very important for us to remember. I love to be able to hire out work, so that it lightens my load but it also givew someone else the opportunity to provide for their families.

  15. I wish that some of the business owners I’ve worked for in the past remembered this. Sometimes it’s hard to have family time with the hours that some businesses schedule you, but you have to do what you have to do 🙁

  16. My blog is my business, but it affords my family the extras. I used to treat it like a hobby and got no where with it. Now I see it as a business and I treat myself as the employee and my business is growing.

  17. I have a small business, but its just me right now! But i love it!!

  18. I would love to be a small business owner eventually, but for now I will enjoy the benefits my corporate employer provides to me and my family for every aspect of our well-being.

  19. I’m going to answer on behalf of my husband’s company. His job has given us the ability to travel the country and great flexibilty so we can maximize our time together.

  20. It’s so true, it’s so rewarding when you can hire out work. I don’t always have people working for me on a consistent basis, but even via freelance, it’s amazing- especially when we get to work together towards similar goals. I love the inspiration you have in this post!

  21. More employers need to realize that their employees are people who have families they are responsible to provide for. So many companies see them as simply the labor pool and put unreasonable demands on their staff. Great post.

  22. Business owners do have a responsibility to the people they employ; and must always remember what the underlying values of the business are, so that they can put it

  23. I hope that this reaches employers, it’s so important that they think of these things. I hope to one day be able to provide some of these opporutinites to people

  24. I worked for a company that did all those things when I first graduated from undergrad. I didn’t realize how rare it was back then, but certainly do now. It’s a powerful thing to have a company really believe in its employees

  25. It is quite enjoyable to help others with employment and it is something people should be thankful for.

  26. Great post – you never want to be THAT boss. My husband and I both own our individual businesses, with no employees, so we have to remember to be kind to ourselves, too!

  27. My business is solely for our family, meaning we don’t employ anyone else. But it offers me the benefit of being able to set my own schedule and be flexible so that I can always be there for my kids when they need me.

  28. I view my online ventures as my business, though I do not have any employees. I have purchased services from others, however, and I think doing so allows them to provide for their family without leaving the comfort of their own home. Since most are moms like me, this lets them stay home with their children too!

  29. It is such a blessing to be able to help someone else provide for their needs. My husband is always happy when he can hire a new person to work with him.

  30. I totally agree with you. Where I work doesnt have much financial benefits but it gives me the opportunity to explore and reach for my goals without compromising my responsibility to the company

  31. Great post… neither Hubby nor I work for anyone… we have a family-run home improvement business and I blog, so I totally miss all of these things that come from working for a company, HA

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