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Be Thankful for Your Business – It Provides Employee Opportunity




It is thrilling to be a business owner because your business provides more than one opportunity for your employees. Business owners are often keenly aware that their businesses provide opportunities for the entrepreneur and customers. What some entrepreneurs overlook is the fact that their businesses provide opportunities for employees as well. In addition to enabling employees to earn a living to support themselves, business owners give the employees the opportunity to :

1. Care for family
2. Earn money for dreams
3. Gain experience
4. Interact with peers
5. Self-fulfillment

Care for family – Most employees work so that they can care for their families. A reality of life is that families need money for food, clothing, shelter, toys and other things. Paychecks provide the cash for these things.

Earn money for dreams – People often work to earn income to achieve their dreams. A business owner should not be upset if the job they are providing is not an employee’s dream come true. Instead, be happy and proud of the fact that the job you are providing allows another person to fulfill her dreams.

Gain Experience – Jobs like many things in life may be for a reason, a season or a lifetime. The job you are providing may be just for a season in a person’s life. If your job is a step along someone else’s journey, that is a good thing. It makes your business an important step in another person’s journey.

Interact with Peers – Some people treasure work because it is a chance to interact with peers. As a person who works from home, I can attest to the fact that the chance to interact with adults and to be able to bounce ideas off of peers in real time and face to face is a special treat. As a business owner, you provide this opportunity for peer interaction and community development.

Self-fulfillment – There are people who are like to enrich their lives through work. For these people, your business is a chance for them to work towards becoming a better and more self satisfied person.

Keep in mind that in all these cases, your employees are using your business for their own benefit. In fact, that personal benefit may be more important to them than your business is to them. That is okay! While these employees are working to get what they want from your business, they are working. If they are working diligently to achieve their goals, that diligent work benefits you and your business.

In conclusion, it is thrilling to be a business owner because your business provides more than one opportunity for your employees. So, the question for you this thrilling day is, what opportunities does your business provide for others?

Janeane Davis

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  • Thank you for the reminder that the decisions I make for with my business not only affects me by my writers as well.

  • What does my business do for other? I share my life, savings, giveaways, product reviews. so I figure I am giving my fans information that they may or may not get from others.. especially when I share my trying times with my 17 year old other parents out their that may have issues with their children don't feel alone

  • Great post-- my husband has a small business...sharing this post with him!

    • Small business owners sometimes don't see what a big deal they are and that they really do help the world by giving someone a job or by purchasing goods and services from another person.

  • Great points! Hiring others creates a beneficial partnership that benefits us both. Thank you for writing this-Insightful!

  • Since I consider my blog my business, it enables me to make money to help supplement my husband's income so we can afford more things that we want and need. And it has enabled me to meet a lot of great people through it. :)

  • Things that are very important for us to remember. I love to be able to hire out work, so that it lightens my load but it also givew someone else the opportunity to provide for their families.

  • I wish that some of the business owners I've worked for in the past remembered this. Sometimes it's hard to have family time with the hours that some businesses schedule you, but you have to do what you have to do :(

  • My blog is my business, but it affords my family the extras. I used to treat it like a hobby and got no where with it. Now I see it as a business and I treat myself as the employee and my business is growing.

    • Good for you! It is your business and you can make it what you want. It is nice to own a business that provides nice extras for the family.

  • I have a small business, but its just me right now! But i love it!!

  • I would love to be a small business owner eventually, but for now I will enjoy the benefits my corporate employer provides to me and my family for every aspect of our well-being.

    • It is good to be in your position and to work for a company that provides for all of your well being. You have a dream situation!

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