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Be Thankful for Your Business – It Provides Jobs — 16 Comments

  1. Thank yoy so much for this post. Sometimes I get so discouraged then I remember I’m helping others as well

  2. You make a great point! I don’t think we take the time to think about how what we do to support ourselves affects so many more people than just our immediate family.

  3. Currently my puzzle is when I need to switch to full time blogging. Such a BIG jump

  4. What a different perspective. I’ve never thought of my little business like that before. Thanks for making me see how important my work is to the bigger picture.

  5. This is a nice message to share. I love your positive that’s all over your words too. 🙂

  6. That’s such a great reminder. As an entrepreneur I sometimes forget how my business impacts others jobs.

  7. Love your post! I own two businesses and totally relate to having gratitude and being happy that my business help others than my family and I!

  8. It is important to remember that my business is more than just a blog. It has transformed into something much bigger than just a hobby and sometimes it’s easy to negate just how important it is. I am so thankful I found this avenue!

  9. This is an important perspective to have, especially now. It’s awesome what you did for that young lady who worked for you and I understand why it came from you personally instead of the business account.

  10. Great reminder. I am thankful for being busy with work because it is a blessing

  11. Definitely a great way to put it! I look at my blog not just as a hobby but a business as well, I am very thankful at the many blessings it has provided my family and I!

  12. This is a great perspective and I’m glad you shared it. I had never thought about being thankful for your own business but you should indeed feel that way.

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