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Be Thankful You Have Plans Then Take Action Now

It is magnificent to be thankful for the plans we have and to take action now to accomplish them. There are many people all over the world who are running around taking action and not succeeding because they have not done the crucial and most important step – planing the action they are going to take. Before we can step up and move on our plans, we need to make the plans. Now, it is not easy to come up with plans. Our plans need to be SMART:

* Specific
* Measurable
* Attainable
* Realistic
* Time Bound

It takes time to create these types of plans, but it is well worth the effort. If you have gone through the work of creating a smart plan, take a moment to be thankful. It is a great accomplishment ad something you should be happy about.

We have all heard of the circle of life: things are born, they live, then they die. Action has a life cycle also. Here is a sample action cycle:

* Idea
* Plan
* Action
* Reflection

Idea – Everything starts with a idea, a dream or a casual thought. The idea matters little on its own without something more.

Plan – The something more that is needed once you have the idea is the plan. The plan is the steps that will be taken in order to go from idea to completion. Again, this is the hard part. The part that needs a great deal of time and attention because everything that will come next depends on how good you have made the plan.


Action – Action is the things that are done to take the idea from a pretty thing in the cloud to a real thing that can be touched and felt. Action is the car on the road, the train on the tracks or the airplane in the sky. Action is what takes us from dream to success.

Reflection – After you have come up with the idea, created a great plan and finished all the action needed to accomplish your plan, it is time to sit back and evaluate how things went.

As this shows, everything begins with your SMART plan. Even though the planning is hard and time consuming, it is worth the time and effort. While you are working your plan, you will be thankful you did the work to make smart plan. It means when you take action now, your action will be targeted and meaningful.

In conclusion, it is magnificent to be thankful for the plans we have and to take action now. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, how are you going to use the gratitude you have for your plans to move forward?

Janeane Davis

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  • Work on being happier for what I have now and use that gratitude to help me to go out and support others.

  • That is one thing that I always try to tell myself. I take action on something every single day no matter how small it is.

  • I am definitely a person that likes to make plans.

  • I definitely need to start writing down more of my big picture ideas so I can then break it down into steps on paper.

  • Yikes! I have so much creative juice flowing, constantly - between creating dance classes, music compilations, yoga classes, workshops, and writing, my creative cup overfloweth. With three little ones, finding the time to bring it all to fruition it definitely a test, but it is happening. They come first, then I work either before they wake, or once they are asleep. Then I need to remember to get my own self to sleep, too ;)

  • I try to plan and follow through, unfortunately I have a hard time following through. I am working on that though!

  • Love the SMART plan. I a someone who has to have plans and a list of everything! I find it the only way to get things done. Great post.

  • Love this, as always another great inspiring post! I love planning for big things, it helps keep spirits up too!

  • I always have lots of plans don't take as much action as I should. Great advice.

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