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Customer Service in Mind Should be at the Top of Your Agenda — 12 Comments

  1. This is such a great point! Customer service is really essential and must be a priority. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Customer service is so important for any business. Great post for business owners.

  3. Good customer service really does go a long way. I just don’t understand when businesses don’t have good customer service because they’re just going to lose business if they don’t!

  4. A lot of business is lost to bad customer service. Companies spend millions on a business only to have 10 dollar an hour custormer service rep destroy it.

  5. Customer service is the foundation to running any business whether you are the business owner or an employee. Typically, customer service agents are the face of the business too.

    When I visit other businesses, I have some level of expectation when it comes to customer service. I get it people have bad days so I am understanding but if I go in there frequently and get horrible service, I will find another place to go.

  6. Great customer service is so important to keeping customers.

  7. I’m amazed how many companies don’t seem to care about customer service. I think it’s so important, especially if they want a repeat customer.

  8. While the customer isn’t always right, customer service is such an important part of any business. If a business messed up but deals with it professionally I will always go back.

  9. I love this so much. As a VA, I’ve found that the only thing my clients love more than my work is my communication. People want to know that you care about them and what you’re doing for them.

  10. I agree customer service is a great way to maintain your customers. I always try to go the extra yard for all my clients and projects.

  11. Yes! Customer service is important. If a business treats me well, I’ll be back. If not? Well, I might try one more time just to see if it was a bad day. But if it’s still bad, I’m done and reviews will be left about it online.

  12. I totally agree. Customer service should always be a top priority for all businesses.

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