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Begin with Customer Service in Mind — 15 Comments

  1. It is SO sad to me how many businesses – big and small – have no customer service anymore. I think it is largely because employees don’t feel invested to where they work. You have the best elevator pitch! And after hearing it out loud in person, you can just tell you believe in yourself and your business!!

  2. I wish more companies focused on quality customer service! It is so important! I feel like customer service has definitely gone down hill.

  3. Customer service is EVERYTHING- it is your word of mouth reputation- it is the face of your company and if you create your business strategy with that as the focus you can go a long way in keeping your customer base happy and in your corner. LOVE this post!

  4. This is all so true! Customer service can make or break an experience for me!

  5. Customer service is so important, I feel like so many times the customer gets left behind for another goal that simply doesn’t matter as much as the people who keep our companies going.

  6. So many people forget about customer service, but it’s key. Reality is, without good customer service, you won’t be much of a business.

  7. Customer service makes a huge difference to me and who I give my business to. If I like a business for their service, I’ll often pay more just because I trust them.

  8. Customer service has gone downhill in recent years. However, I try to get in their shoes and remember how it felt, sometimes, to be on the other side.

  9. I was in customer service for 12 years so I’m all about this! It’s always important to maintain and build relationships with your customers: upkeep positive experiences so that your business consistently stays in good shape.

  10. It’s key to know your ideal customer and what they are really looking for from you. And then to be able to articulate that clearly in an elevator speech – that’s what I need to work on.

  11. I worked in customer service for years. I always tried to treat people how I would want to be treated. It is not me they are really mad at. I am there to help.

  12. Customer service is important to be successful in your business. If you don’t understand what they need then they will look elsewhere.

  13. I really need to think about my ideal customer and focus on that. I keep hearing that technique!

How do these ideas work in your world?

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