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Best Tip – Be Sure to Do After Interview Follow-Up


Another thing to keep in mind when sending a follow-up email is to avoid the texting shortcuts that are commonly used when speaking with your friends. This means you would not respond, “TTYL.” Instead, you would say, “I look forward to speaking with you later.” Texting language and shortcuts are perfectly appropriate for text messaging, but not for email correspondence. Think of email correspondence the same way you think about other forms of written correspondence. Show it the same respect and treat it with the same dignity. After all, email correspondence is electronic and in the cloud so it will last long after the device we used to create it has gone away.

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Looking For A Job: Create A Plan
It is wonderful to know that you can succeed when you are looking for a job by creating a plan. Almost everyone has heard the expression if you fail to plan you plan to fail. This idea is true in many areas of life including searching for a job. Whether you are a regular 9 to 5 employee looking or a new job, a work at home mom looking for your next assignment or an entrepreneur looking for a new client to serve, if you want to have a successful job search you need to create a plan. Creating a plan for your job search means doing some prep work.
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It is wonderful to realize that the job interview provides a chance to dress up and get out of the house. There comes a time in the life of most people where they must go out and search for a job. It is common to all who work from the 9 to 5 office worker to the chief executive officer if a major company to the WAHM (work at home mother). It is a social custom here in the United States that one dresses up in one’s better clothing when going on a job interview. Often people who are between jobs spend the day in pajamas or super comfy casual clothes. This type of clothing tends to make one feel relaxed and less than serious. In contrast, interview clothes make us feel successful, accomplished and serious. In addition, the interview is a chance to interact with adults, which is a welcome treat if you are used to going to work each day and have been home alone for a while.
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In a dream world, I would be able to work as a consultant from 10 to 2 each day with two clients who each paid me $1,000,000 per year and would have the remainder of the day to devote to writing, and taking care of my family. Today I do not have that dream job. I typically work from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and then from 9 pm to 1 am. I have several consulting clients who pay me far less than $1,000,000 a year and I scramble to find time for writing and taking care of my family. This is reality; the world in which I live. I have a choice, I can complain and be sad that I am not living the dream or I can do the best job possible with what I have and prepare to handle the dream job situation when it arrives. I have chosen to live the life I have and be happy about it all as I prepare for my dream future.
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It is wonderful to stop and take time to see what you have learned about yourself during a job search. Each day there are thousands of people all over the country conducting a job search. These searches take place online, in person and via traditional classified advertisements. Most people look at the job search process as a way of asking for things and hoping for results. While that is one way of looking at the job search, it is not the only way. You can also look at the job search as a way of learning important things about yourself.
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