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Better You – Better Business Principle #1 Build Yourself Up

Teachers, doctors, and lawyers all have continuing education requirements. They spend a certain amount of time each year going someplace to learn to build themselves up, to improve their knowledge and skill set. In order to make building yourself up a regular part of your business operations, set aside time for improvement. Do not simply say that you will work to improve your business. Instead, get out your calendar and set aside time, make actual appointments for you work on learning new things, reading articles and books or attending workshops to improve your skills.

If you are like most entrepreneurs you are busy all the time. If you are an entrepreneur with a spouse and children you may feel that you have no time to work on building up your skills and talents. This is not true. No matter how busy you are, no matter how many obligations you have, there is time to build yourself up and get better at your business. There is no perfect amount of time to set aside. Some entrepreneurs set aside ten minutes each morning specifically to read books, articles, and journals that will help them get better at their businesses. Others set aside an hour each week. Still others, continually take courses or attend webinars specifically designed to build up their skills and talents. Look at your calendar today and set aside time on a regular basis for building up yourself.

Do not be discouraged if you only have ten minutes per week to work on building yourself up. Ten minutes a week is 40 minutes per month. If you have been doing nothing, 40 minutes is a significant amount of time. Start with what you can and add more as you are able. Interestingly, as you spend time building up your skills, you may find you have more time available for building yourself up because you have become better and more efficient. Build yourself up. The better you are, the better you will be in your role as an entrepreneur.

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