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The Better You are the Better Your Business Will Be

I am excited to bring this series to you. In the spirit of full disclosure, I will tell you now that like many women entrepreneurs have struggled with some of these ideas from time to time. I want to encourage you to persist and persevere because you can succeed and be happy as an entrepreneur. Follow this series and share your thought, ideas, and reactions. Let us all work together to be better women and better entrepreneurs.

The following is a list of all the articles in this series. The articles in green have been written and are hyperlinked. If an article in the series you want to see is not in green yet, check back soon. By the end of the series, all articles will be hyperlinked.

Better You – Better Entrepreneur Series
Introduction to Series
Build Yourself Up
Use Language as Grand as You Are
Stand Firm When You Are Right
Step Up and Bring the Expertise
Give Details the Right Amount of Attention
Believe Your Own Hype
Set Clear Goals
Make Your Goals Big, Bold and Audacious
Set Clear Boundaries
Relationships are for Reasons, Seasons or for Life
Look at the Big Picture
Build a Personal Brand
Face Competition Head-On
Putting it All Into Action




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