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Better Blogging and Better Business 10/26/13 — 11 Comments

  1. Ann-Marie I am glad this was useful to you. I try to put together a list like this each week to help all of us bloggers and entrepreneurs see what is working for our peers.

  2. You are absolutely right here, thanks for reminding me some of the tips, indeed i have great views on how to make my blogs even more popular.

  3. I am glad I shared some things that will help you with your mission to reach people and share information.

  4. Like you, I fell into blogging. I have come to truly enjoy it. You are right, there are so many things to learn.

  5. I ventured into blogging because I was told that there was “money” in it, but now, I have changed that perspective, I want to share informative articles in my blog and focus on one thing. Thanks for all these great articles!

  6. Blogging is something I fell into, had I know all that I had to learn, I would have probably run, lol. I keep going because I have met so many wonderful people – other bloggers, pr reps.

  7. Oh wow, this is great Janeane! As a blogging newbie, I find these resources very useful. Thank you much for taking the time to put it together.

  8. Thanks for all these great articles in one place! I’m checking out the first year posts one!

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