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  1. Great Way Of Thinking Thought Of It That Way

  2. I’ll be honest, I’ve never used an editorial calendar. I have a board above my desk to write down deadlines and what the posts are. I think it helps me because it’s always there and visible so I don’t forget about anything

  3. Thanks for sharing these great articles! Very informative for bloggers!

  4. One could really appreciate how big social media has become in the world of business so blogging really helps.

  5. Sometime I run out of ideas what to write, I will check the editorial calendar. I am sure there’s a lot for me to learn yet.

  6. Interacting with other people and reading their work can make you a better blogger.

  7. I have to check out the blog topic generator. It could use it when I am planning my posts for the month.

  8. I was in a Twitter chat the other day and a blogger called herself a “solo-preneur.” I really liked that.

  9. Thanks for the great resources. I’m bookmarking the blog topic generator link because I’m sure it will come in handy soon.

  10. Great ideas!! I often suffer from writers block and haven’t been able to kick it at times!

  11. Yes, I’m feeling more and more like a writing each day I blog. Love it…never ever thought I’d be where I’m at in my blogging life!

  12. I find that I get writers block about the time I get swamped with work. It’s something I have to work through.

  13. These are great tips, I need to do some more research on Google Analytics!

  14. If I didn’t have an editorial calender I wouldn’t have a clue what to write. LOL Great links I’m going to check out.

  15. I love google analytics for the different things it can show me about my audience. I used it for deciding whether or not to keep doing book reviews.

  16. I like your post. I have to live by an editorial calendar or I won’t get my work done.

  17. Thanks for the info. I love the other bloggers (and readers who don’t blog) I come across doing this. It really is fun.

  18. It’s so hard to believe sometimes that people care about what I have to say. I love blogging and the connections I’ve made – I think I just need to leverage my relationships better.

  19. I need to snag a business mentor. I need to get on track and stay motivated!

  20. I can’t even explain how much I learn from my blogging colleagues sometimes hourly. Without one another, we’d be stagnant!

  21. Since I started blogging, I have learned so much . It’s been a huge learning curve but I’ve gathered so much information from more experiences bloggers through other blogs, books, and podcasts.

  22. I think often we are our worst critic – we do not give ourselves enough credit when it comes to our speciality. I know many of my artist friends are guilty of this – including me.

  23. I’m heading right over to read each of these links right away, all great information. As an entrepreneur I’m proud to be an expert in my field ( cooking, I’m a personal chef) and I’ve been using my blog ( as well as FB Instagram and Twitter) as a tool to share tips as well as promote my business.

  24. Thank you for these resources! I’m bookmarking the Hubspot page for sure.

  25. Writer’s Block recently visited me. It wasn’t fun, but I’m out of the funk and now the ideas are flowing. Almost too fast lol – great tips!

  26. I am definitley going to check out some of those articles – especially the editorial calendar one! I need all the help I can get.

  27. I am going to make it a weekly goal to come read your post cause this is some great information! Thank you for your time!

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