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Better Blogging and Better Business 11/23/13 — 23 Comments

  1. Great articles, I’m going to save this to comeback to later!

  2. Always great to have relevant links available – thank you for that – I am sure many appreciate the effort & the work you put into your blogs. Don’t really know anything about Pin It – is it worth looking into & what are the benefits?

  3. It’s definitely important to stay on top of things…and yeah, working for free? No good!

  4. Very well said. Thank you for the input. It actually enlightens some questions I have.

  5. Thanks for these resources! I agree with you that cash is MUCH better than exposure. I don’t take my time writing for free anymore – I’d rather work on blog promo or my own content rather than working for someone else without compensation.

  6. As a blogger I can so relate to so may of those pointers under the blogger section. I’m constantly worrying about how my site looks and trying to figure out ways to get people to stay on my blog longer than a click and go. I’ll be bookmarking this for future reference.

  7. I appreciate the resources. I’m a huge fan of Pinterest – it’s been my top traffic referrer for ages. Plus it’s my personal addiction for ideas in my own life.

  8. You’ve given me some good reading material. I’ve read that SITS Girl’s post and it is a good one.

  9. Thank you for all of these great resources. I personally love infographics! I need to try making one.

  10. These are all great tips though be careful if you do the free work, usually it ends up giving you more free work. If I am doing a post for no pay, it is because I want to do it – recipe craft, etc. Being asked to work for free for a big company by a pr rep that is getting paid to represent them only makes me no longer support that company in any way. I think it is wrong to expect things for free, that is below minimum wage and just plain wrong.

  11. Wow, these are again a lot of great posts. I don’t use Pinterest becaus emy posts rarely contain images, and I was not aware that readers need to stay on sites fo ra while – usually when I read a post, I read that post only and follow the blog if it’s interesting.

  12. I am recently getting a lot of email from advertisers who ask to post their articles for free. I had to be upfront to them because I pay each month to maintain my blogs and I don’t want to work for free. Having websites can be costly you know.

  13. Excellent points and resources. I do believe there are times we can use our platforms for charity and to help others. However, it does take time and money to run a blog. It’s not free and it seems to be more expensive every year I blog.

  14. These are some great resources. I am a huge fan of Pinterest as it is always one of my top two traffic referrers!

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