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Better Blogging and Better Business 11/30/13 — 23 Comments

  1. Hi Janeane,

    This is my first time here and I can already relate to you! 🙂

    As a blogger, I’m definitely learning from my mistakes and as an entrepreneur I know all about the challenges of a work-life balance. I love working from home but it takes some serious discipline and dedication to our business to not let the daily distractions affect our business.

    Great post Janeane…thanks for the resources tool

  2. I am glad you have been liking them. I am learning a lot by putting them together each week.

  3. I think it’s true for almost anything that you can learn from other’s mistakes. It’s always nice when others are willing to share their bumps to spare us from the same.

  4. Yes, learning from others’ mistakes…and also my own is how I’m growing:)

  5. I learn so much from my own mistakes, so it’s nice when I can learn from someone else’s mistake.

  6. Very informative blog for bloggers like me, this will remind me on how to work things great in order to achieve the ratings i want for my blogs. thanks for sharing.

  7. Thank you for these great tips! I love the Sits Girls but I’m definitely going to check out MicroBlogger!

  8. I am loving the blogging content roundups you’ve been doing lately! I am working on becoming even more organized for 2014 — in order for my blog/business to be better!!

  9. When I started blogging, I found it very complicated and thought that I could not learned things on my own. Fortunately, as I am doing blogging everyday, I learned important things and learned from other’s mistakes.

  10. It is always hard to start something new, there is always a learning curve. I love all the tips in one spot to make it a little easier. I know so many that thing blogging is easy and not a job, I am going to forward this to one of them.

  11. Thank you for the tips! Wish you all the best in your blogging adventure.

  12. Yes, this is true in any business model! It is important to learn from what others have done.

  13. I am glad you found omething here worh shariing! I know I like learning from other creaive thinkers.

  14. I am glad you have learned from my blog. I also learn a lot from reading other’s work.

  15. Yes, I thihk we need to learn from our own mistake and see if we can learn from hemisakes of others.

  16. Love those quotes. So true and that’s one thing that we should apply to our life too “learn from the mistake of others”.

  17. This is so great of you to compile all this great advice from bloggers who have been there in one place. I read and I’m also bookmarking and sharing. Thanks!

  18. You can definitely learn from other’s mistakes! But I think that is true in any business model 🙂

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