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Be a Better You – Perfect Work Life Balance Your Own Way — 15 Comments

  1. Balancing work and life at home is definitely hard (especially if they are the same place!).

  2. I like the quotes below the post. This is a great!

  3. Every person’s situation is different – only you can choose what’s best for you and your family! Don’t let anyone make you second-guess choices you’ve made, even if they ultimately didn’t work out!

  4. Love it! I always say you have to find your work work-life balance, no one else can do it for you.

  5. I agree – what works for me won’t work for everyone else. I have a weird schedule and lots of strange habits to keep my schedule going.

  6. Balancing your home life and your work life can be so hard at times. I’m thankful to work at home. This allows me to do multiple things at once without having to choose one thing over the other.

  7. It is so important to find a formula that works for your family. It can be tricky but worth it in the end.

  8. It has taken me a while to find the right balance. I find working from home a challenge. I need to set an alarm in the evening so i am reminded to turn the computer off and relax.

  9. The struggle is real! No matter how long we live with it, we still have to deal with guilt and judgment from others.

  10. Yes! What works for everyone else, doesn’t matter to me. I have my own house, kids, husband, dog and cat. I need something that works for all of us.

  11. This is a great post. Everyone has different circumstances, what works for you might not make sense to anyone!

  12. I love this post, there are so many ways you can balance life and work and then become a happier person within!

  13. I tell you, I have been a work at home mom for over seven years and I still struggle. I mean, really, the struggle is real! It is so hard to keep my work separate and to not feel guilty when I don’t put my laptop down to play with the kids.

  14. I’ve lived the worst case scenario more than once. This too shall pass. On to a new beginning.

  15. It’s so important to find a work-life balance that works for YOU. No one else is in the same situation as you so they don’t know what you need in your life.

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