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Black History Month – Langston Hughes – Old Walt

When I first saw the title to this poem, I immediately thought of my Uncle Walt who taught me about cars and engines. Looking at the words here and remembering learning about Walt Whitman in school and all his thinking and planning and woods wandering. When you look at the words and take them apart, the first stanza seems so sad. Why would one want to find less than one looked for and look for more than was ever found.

The second paragraph brings hope and reminds us that there is goodness and joy to be found in both seeking and finding. The last two lines of the poem that tells about how Walt went looking and finding gives hope it talks about a dream achieved and not deferred.

Apply that in your own life. Find a way to take pleasure in learning and in what you learn. Remember that it is good to enjoy the journey and the final destination. It really is all about your attitude. Because though you cannot control the world, you andcontrol how you react to it.



If you want to get some Langston Hughes books of your own, check out the following. Please note, these are affiliate links which means I may earn income if you purchase one of these books.

1. This is the book I keep on my desk in my office. It is worn out and the edges are frayed because I use it so much. It was a gift from my husband which makes it a special treasure.

Selected Poems of Langston Hughes (Vintage Classics)

2. The Simple stories were my introduction to Langston Hughes. They are an incredible combination of entertainment, sociology and politics of the time.

The Early Simple Stories (Collected Works of Langston Hughes, Vol 7)

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