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Book Review: Raise the Child You’ve Got by Nancy Rose — 44 Comments

  1. It’s definitely something you have to wrap your mind around. It’s not helpful to anyone to say “Oh, Lizzie was great at math, why do you get Cs” and “Oh, Rick is amazing at basketball, how come you trip over your own feet?”. It’s discouraging to the kiddos and keeps you in a negative mindset.

  2. Great honesty, I know I’ve felt this way from time to time. This book would help us all come to realize they are our children and they come from us…ha!

  3. I would love to read this book. I have three kids and they could not be more different. Sometimes I try to parent in the one size fits all style and it just doesn’t work.

  4. What a smart concept for a book. I know my three kids are all so different from each other. I can’t do everything the same for them because it doesn’t work that way.

  5. Great book! I think moms are too hard on themselves sometimes. The perfect neighbor kid may not be so perfect when you look closely.

  6. It seems as if I really need to read this book myself! My kids are each so different too and one of them drives me nuts! i felt like I was alone but I guess every parent goes through these struggles.

  7. I need this book. Just like you I have 4 kids, each with their own unique personality although one is “special” being autistic. It can be tough at times and I do lose my temper quite a bit. I can use all the help I can get and this book sounds wonderful.

  8. This sounds like it gives you so much perspective. I was just reading the tips that my doctor gave me in this article about how to deal with your child when they get to that “stubborn phase” since my son is 21 months old now. It was nice to know that some things I have been doing, but there were other things I could probably start to use that will help my son thrive even more. Thank you for sharing. This sounds like this book could do that for other parents and more!

  9. This book sounds awesome!! I’m jut like you – four kids and they are each different! I need this book!

  10. Great advice! I have preferred to let my children give me the signals, and I respond to their individual needs as best I can.

  11. That’s why I’m kinda grateful I had one boy and one girl. It made it a lot easier to separate them and not expect the second one to do everything the same.

  12. sounds like a nice read – I have 5 little ones – they are all so different. It’s nice to read books like this!

  13. Thank you for sharing this! As the mom of 3 young ones, I really need any help and advice I can get!

  14. parenting is like this whole roller coaster you won’t ever get off. you just never know which kid will sit and scream at which time, i suppose. i love the raise the child you’ve got idea!! i had this whole “idea” of what i wanted in life when i was younger. i wouldn’t want anything but what i’ve got at this point in time

  15. Great article. I only have one child, who is now a young adult. There are so many things to think about when parenting.

  16. This is great advice, and I think it really goes for any relationship. If you’re with a partner that you’re always comparing to what you think they *should* be, the same thing happens. We all have to accept and appreciate our loved ones for who they really are. I think I’ll be reminding myself of this more often after your reminder, so thank you! 🙂

  17. I think the topic of “raising the child you got” is a much needed topic for many parents to grasp. I even am guilty at times of wanting my child to be a bit more this or a bit less that etc. Nope. I won’t let that mold how I parent and raise them, as my daughter tells me often “Mom you raised me to be myself”.

  18. My son is an only child, but my siblings and I couldn’t be any more different. This sounds like a great book.

  19. Sounds like a perfect book for every mom! Raising a child is such hard work and sometimes I tend to compare my kid with others, but I really should focus on her and her strong points.

  20. Sounds like a good read. Putting it on my list to read. Sharing this post with friends and family!

  21. Great points, this book really looks like an amazing parenting tool. A lot of the time moms are trying to make their kid into the perfect kid without enjoying the child just for being him or her self. Kudos!

  22. I love my daughter just the way she is- faults, tantrums, and all! I do however know many parents that are constantly comparing their children to others instead of just letting them be the way they are. This sounds like a good read!

  23. I wish I had read this book when my children were younger. They have definitely been handfuls sometimes.

  24. This sounds like an amazing book and one that I could really use since I have 4 children who are all very different and who all drive me crazy at times too!

  25. I wish this book had been around when I was raising my kids! It would have been a huge help and a huge comfort.

  26. This is very hard to do… we have 6 kids and one of them is very difficult. We find ourselves talking, saying things like, why can’t she be like [insert sibling here] – but then I realize that she is unique. She is different. Each of our kids is different. We need to take their strengths and run with them!

  27. I would love to learn a little more about dealing with kids today. I love my daughter with all my heart but she can be a handful at times.

  28. Haha, my kids are nuts, but I wouldn’t want them any other way. I would never wish for other kids- I love mine – quirks and all.

  29. Being a second generation Mom, I look for any advice I can get. I have adult children as well as an 11 year old son.

  30. You’re not the only one that wonders why you’re the only crazy family at the market.

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