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It is fantastic to learn that the child you have is okay, you don’t have to wish for your Raise the Child You've Got Coverneighbor’s children. Almost every parent at one time or another has sat back and looked at her children and herself with utter amazement, frustration and dismay. This is caused by the fact that raising  a child is such hard work and so often our friends and neighbors seem as if they have it all together. From the outside, looking in, it seems as if those children are so much better and those mothers know what they are doing so much more than you do. It is frustrating, maddening and a little heartbreaking as well. When you begin to feel overwhelmed by it, you need to pull out Nancy Rose’s book,  Raise the Child You’ve Got-Not the One You Want!

You will want to pull this book out for several reasons, but I will tell you why I pulled it out:

1. I have four children
2. Each child has a different personality, taste preference and learning method
3. Some days each child drives me crazy
4. I spent one too many days in the market asking my children why we were the only crazy family in the market

As I said, I came to the book, from a place of wanted to be a better parent. I mean, I am a good mom, a great mom even. But I recognize that I could, should kick things up a notch. After reading the book I felt a little better. I feel like there is hope at the end of this parenting rainbow.  For those of you in a hurry, just take the book out and look at a few of the title names:

  • Understanding the Power of Acceptance
  • Letting Go of the Child You Want
  • Starting with the Child You’ve Got
  • Accepting Who Your Child is: The Core Self
  • Being the Leader Who Guides Your Child
  • Leading with Acceptance Helps Everyone Thrive

I say look at the chapter titles if you are in a hurry because you will notice right away that there is no mystery to the idea of raising the child you have. Instead, if you just use some simple, basic ideas you can cut down on frustration and work with your actual child and your actual family to make things better with your child. You will realize you can be a better parent and end up with a better child.




When you read the book, you will learn that the changes in behavior you want from your child, actually start with you, the parent. You will realize you can be an effective parent, a good parent and that you can raise children who thrive, follow rules and behave in  a way that is in accordance with your family values. You can do it!


Nancy Rose HeadshotI saw this clip of Nancy Rose on the Today Show talking about her book. It was interesting for me to see how she talked about raising your children in a world with rules and standards but at the same time, recognizing that each child has a unique style and personality that you must consider. One thing that stood out was when she said, “Accepting who your child is does not mean accepting bad behavior.”

You don’t have to take my word for it. Check out what some other people who have read this book have to say about it. Click here to read what they have to say. Once you read the book, go check out Nancy Rose and connect with her:


As an added bonus if you visit her website, you can get a copy of The Key to Understanding Your Child: The Nine Traits of the Core Self for free!  In addition one reader from the United States who comments below will win a free copy of the book, Raise the Child You’ve Got. The winner will be chosen by a random generator service. So,  go comment below about your kids, then come back and comment again after you have read the book.