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Books – Develop Healthy Reading Habits


Read what you like.

When you read what you like, you are more likely to enjoy the reading process. If you read what you like, you are more likely to stick with the reading if it is hard for you to read. Reading is something that you can get better at the more you do it. If you like graphic novels, that is what you should read. If you like business journals, that is what you should read. If you are starting a reading program so that you will read more and be able to read for work, school or any other purpose, it doesn’t matter what you read, just read!

When you are trying to develop healthy reading habits, do not be discouraged by those who do not like what you are reading. Those who do not like what you read can read something else. You do not have to read academic works, scholarly journals or business publications in order to develop healthy reading habits. What you have to do is read. Once you have developed healthy reading habits, then you can work on reading the scholarly journals, academic works or business publications you need to read to do better at school and work. In the meantime, and even after, read what you enjoy. You become a better reader by reading. You are more likely to read longer and more often if you are reading something you enjoy.

Read when you are not tired.

If you are not a big readerr, but want to become a better reader, read when you are not tired. If you do it when you are tired, you are likely to read less or fall asleep while reading. This is not good and it may discourage you from reading. Instead, read when you have energy. Even if this means you start off reading for 15 minutes every day at lunch. While reading is enjoyable for some and can provide a great deal of pleasure, for some people, reading is work. Indeed for some people, reading is hard work. No one likes to work when they are tired. So, read when you have the energy to do it.


Read in the format you like most.

As a child (okay even as an adult) I liked to read paper books because I enjoyed the smell of ink on the page. The smell of new books thrilled me beyond measure. I indeed have a soft spot for the written word on a page. I do not remember leaving the house without a book. The advent of e-readers is a wonderful thing. It means that I can carry thousands of books in my pocket at all times. Keep in mind, most tablets and smart phones have e-reader apps so that you can carry the books and reading material you want in your pocket at all times. Books, magazine and newspapers take up a lot of space. Electronic readers are a nice trade-off. If you like paper books read them. If you have electronic devices and need large print, check out e-readers because they give you the ability to make the print very large and easy to read. The words, story and information are all the same whether you find them in a paper bound book, a tablet or a smart phone. The delivery system does not matter when it comes to reading. Pick the format that works best for you.

Read on a regular basis.

In order to develop good reading habits, set aside time to read. If you have never been a big reader and are trying to become one, set aside at least 30 minutes, one day per week for reading. Make an event of it. Set up a nice snack tray of food and drink items you can enjoy without paying much attention. This is a time for finger food, not knife and fork food. Get a comfy chair set up and ready. Bring an afghan or warm blanket if you like. Do a little bit of work to make your reading time special and something you can look forward to week after week. If you do this on a consistent basis, you may realize after a month or two that you look forward to your weekly reading dates and may want to increase the time you spend reading or the number of days set aside for reading.

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Best Pick Up Line Ever – The Communist Manifesto

It is sensational to look at an old book in a new way. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx is one of my favorite books. Not for its political point of view or its arguments on communism and how the world should be run. It is one of my favorite books because it got me a husband. I read the book more than 26 years ago and to be honest, I don’t remember most of it. The Communist Manifesto is one of my favorite books because when I was reading it as part of my college honors program I met my husband. I was sitting in a lounge area reading the book when my husband walked up to me and said what to this date is the
best pick up line ever, “Karl Marx was an idiot.”
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There are 4 ways to get a healthy reading habit for life. When I was a child, I watched Saturday morning cartoons. One commercial I remember was one that said, “reading is fundamental.” All my life I have loved to read. When I was pregnant with my twins, I got cravings for books the way other women craved pickles and ice cream. I read for fun, for education, for distraction for business purposes. I read, I read I read.
My mother-in-law always encouraged people to “get all you can and can all you get.” It was her was of saying a person should always be learning, getting all the information possible and saving that information. Reading is a great way to get information, a lot of information about anything one wants to know.
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A fable is commonly defined as a short story, usually with animals as characters that is used to convey a lesson to the reader. Fables are special because by using animals to convey the message readers is a less threatening method of delivery. As in life, in business, there are many lessons to be learned. It is quite useful to have a few fables in your arsenal to share with your employees when you want to teach a lesson in the workplace. Using a fable and animal characters to show consistency and reliability is much less threatening to an employee than saying, “Rhoneesha, you must learn to do a complete job every time for every customer.”
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Learn to Love to Read
It is sensational to love to read. At its simplest level, reading is the act of looking at groups of letters , determining that the letters are words and purring those words together to convey information. Mist people learn to read when they are children. In the beginning, we learn to read so we can learn. Later we read so we can learn. The truly fortunate among us, begin to read simply for the joy of reading.
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