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Business Lessons I Received While Running My Business

It is thrilling to look back at your business and see what business lessons you have learned about yourself over the course the last year. People often say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I don’t believe that saying applied to me for many reasons. First of all I am not a dog and secondly, I believe you can learn something new every day if you try.

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while (I appreciate you!!!!) know that this space has undergone some major transformations in appearance, quality and subject presentation over the past year. It has been an exciting time. I have learned a great deal about my business, my industry and my competitors. I have enjoyed all those learning experiences. However, the most important and best lasting business lessons I learned are the things I learned about myself.

Here are a few of the lessons I learned about myself this year:

• I dream and I dream big
• I TAN and when I do I succeed
• I set goals I push to past them
• I want to see others succeed

I am a church girl at heart and as a result I always have the following song lyrics close to my heart:

I am looking for a miracle
I expect the impossible
I see the invisible
I feel the intangible
The sky is the limit to what I can have

When I make dreams for myself and my business I think about what is the best case scenario. I dream about what I want down the road and dream that I have it today. I dream and I dream big. As a result, I have learned my dreams come true.

I am a big proponent of TAN, take action now. When I take action now and move forward with my plans and goals I succeed every time. When I sit back and wait to act, I do not succeed. As a result, one of the business lessons I learned is to take action now and not sit around waiting.

Some people shy away from competition, others thrive on it. I like to compete, even with myself. When I set goals for myself I work hard to achieve them. This year when I achieved goals earlier than planned instead of sitting on my laurels. I looked at my next level of goals and went after them. I was able to surpass them also! As a result, one of the business lessons I learned is that when I set goals, I top them.

There are some people that think the success of others lessens their chances for success. I am not one of those. To the contrary, I think that the more people who succeed, the more success there is to be had. I like it when those around me succeed and I do what I can to help others succeed at achieving their dreams. The success of others actually thrills me. As a result, one of the business lessons I have learned is that I want to see others succeed.

In conclusion, it is thrilling to look back at your business and see what you have learned about yourself over the course the last year. So, the question for you this thrilling day is what have you learned about yourself by running your business?

Janeane Davis

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  • Angela, those are great lessons that you learned are great lessons.

  • I agree that we are always learning, in business and in life. I have learned some valuable lessons this year and I think it's great so take the time to think about those lessons and use that new knowledge to further grow your business next year.

  • I always love your blog posts because there is always something to learn. Very inspiring and motivating. Love the TAN!

  • I totally agree with your quote! Those are the best lessons,.

  • I like that- TAKE ACTION NOW! I'm going to make more time for this!

  • sometimes that is the best way to learn on our own. Blogging, mothering, or anything is a learning hands on experience!

  • The one fun thing about blogging is as a blogger we are always growing and changing and so does our content. You have quite a list of things you have learned! I do however believe dogs can learn daily too, they are smart when with given the chance!

  • Through the mistakes we have encountered in life and in our business it is truly one great ways to learn things we now know that would not be a good thing to do, and yes i have learn some things while I am blogging and how to make my contents informative.

  • Dreams are what makes my world go round! I can not imagine a day without a dream!

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