Entrepreneur Take Time to Celebrate Your Marriage

Don't forget, you are married to your spouse and not your business.

Entrepreneurs, take time to celebrate your marriage, it is good for your business. All too often, entrepreneurs think they should be strictly business and that their marriages should be put on the back burner and that work should come first. This is not a good practice. Most people marry and vow to forsake all others for their spouses. It is important to remember, that all others includes businesses!

3 Lessons From People Who Refuse to Take Action Now

Those who don't TAN (Take Action Now) have lessons to teach those who are trying to decide whether or not to TAN.

There are 3 lessons I have learned from people who refuse to TAN aka Take Action Now. A smart entrepreneur can learn something new every day if she tries. There are some people who take action now and get things done. There are others who refuse to take action now and they never get things done. No matter which one you are, there are lessons to be learned.