Improve Your Business’s Financial Health

Improve Your Business's Financial Health

It is magnificent to take action to improve the financial health of your business. Everyone has heard stories about celebrities, athletes, or trust fund babies who have lost millions of dollars due to their inability to have a clear understanding of their financial condition. This also happens in the business context.

Improve Life by Learning to Accept Compliments

040920 learn to accept compliments with grace

It is thrilling to know that it is possible to accept compliments with dignity and grace. Recently, over the course of two days, I gave four different entrepreneurs compliments about how they were operating their businesses and the great ideas they had for business ventures. Each of these women failed to accept the compliment. Instead, to a woman, each downplayed her accomplishment or pointed out ways things could be better. This made me sad. These were wonderful, accomplished, successful women who deserved the compliments I gave them. Each one behaved as if she did not deserve the compliments and kind words.