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Celebrating a Sensational Spouse

A sensational spouse is something to celebrate.

I have had a wonderful husband for more than 27 years.  So this sensational day, I want to celebrate my sensational husband. He is indeed, a mighty, mighty good man.

Salt N Peppa, featuring En Vogue “What a Man”

Good things are indeed hard to find and even harder to keep. So under that notion that we should shower our loved ones with flowers while they can smell them. Today I celebrate my husband and how happy I am to be his wife. My Spelie says all her friends think we are a cute couple, crazy, and perfectly suited for one another. Several of her friends have parents who are divorced and she likes our stability. My twins say, “Go on a date and kiss.” I am grateful to have a happy, loving, God filled marriage. Today I celebrate my husband and how happy I am to be his wife

If you have a spouse who is faithful, trustworthy, loving, kind and a good father to your children, take some time to celebrate him, praise him at the city gates and let the world know what a treasure you have found. Good spouses are hard to find and even harder to keep. But so worth the effort. Often today I hear people say that monogamy and marriage are dead and outdated concepts. I cannot count the number of times, people have told me those things. Yet, we are still here, still standing, and still making it work.

I recognize that marriage and married life is not for everyone. It involves work, adventure, and dedication that are not easy to manage. In my life and in my world, marriage is a wonderful thing and I am glad I decided to make being a wife a part of my life. So in a move towards keeping my marriage spicy and strong, I am going to close this post with a grown folks’ song that sets the mood.

Al Green “Let’s Stay Together”

So my question for this sensational day is how are you going to celebrate your spouse?

Janeane Davis

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