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Be the Change You Want, No More Talking — 25 Comments

  1. This sounds like advice from my mother. She would always say “instead of talking about it, why don’t you do something about it”. Great advice and great post!

  2. Great post! There are a few “changes” I need to make, and this was my motivation!

  3. This is a wonderful post and it definitely teaches us something. So true, those are a lot of balls to juggle with and that is the reality. And, instead of talking about, do something to sove the problem instead and be done with it. So true! It is motivational and I always love reading your article. So much to learn and inspire.

  4. Thank you for the motivation and inspirational post here. Love to read articles that boost self esteem 🙂

  5. Make sense and really a nice post! I agree with the stop talking instead start taking action in solving the problem. And as the saying goes “no man is an island” so solving problem with the team will be a good idea.

  6. A lot of people complain about situations that they have control over and can change. You’re so right!

  7. I especially like the tip about allowing others to help you.

  8. Great advice! I have heard people who actually enjoy complaining about something they should do (rather than taking the steps), and if that is their source of enjoyment, good for them. I wouldn’t change them. But, personally, I’d like to be the change 😉

  9. Great advice….Drives me nuts when people complain about something and I ask what are you doing to change the situation. They say nothing! I’m thinking really! Then why complain!

  10. I agree 100% with this! If we all stopped talking and started doing, we could get a lot more done!

  11. I think it’s so true that to solve a problem in one step, sometimes it takes many steps. People are sometime overwhelmed by how they have to do. But it’s many little steps that will get the job done

  12. Your posts are always so insightful. There are several things I need to step up and change.

  13. Excellent advice! There’s nothing worse than someone who complains all the time, but never takes action to change their situation.

  14. Great ideas! One thing I like to remind myself is to not stress over problems you can’t change!

  15. I love that saying! This is such a great article, with lots of tips and motivation. Thanks for sharing

  16. Great ideas… I love reading your blog and all your very interesting point of views!

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