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Want to Change the World – Grab You Phone




It is fantastic to know you can change the world right where you are with what you have. Once upon a time, people had to be rich, famous or powerful to change the world, thankfully those days are long gone. Today anyone with a smart phone can start a blog and start changing the world. The world is a better place because of that! Three years ago I started blogging in part as a way to change the world, my world. I wrote uplifting motivational paragraphs and published them via a blog that almost no on read and on Facebook. As time passed, I got better at social writing which was vastly different from the writing I had been doing in my law practice. I learned about HTML coding, themes, WordPress and plugins. My blog, Janeane’s World became a destination place for thousands of people each month. I began to influence and change the world around me.

A year ago, I co-founded a website and Facebook group called Pushing Lovely dedicated to pushing women writers to reach the dreams the have set for themselves. Over the course of the past year we have worked together and helped each other change our individual worlds and the world at large. Through collective effort and determination, these women are now changing the world with their blogs, social media presence and community service. They can be found speaking at major conferences across the country. They are world changers and influencers I am proud to know.

As I said, I am a world changer. All of this was accomplished from a laptop computer in my home office. In all my social writing I encourage women to take action now to follow their dreams, to stop procrastinating and to kick up how they their businesses. In all these things I am changing the world. I am making the world a better place. Just as I am doing it from my laptop, table or smart phone, anyone can do it. As the saying goes, people who want to accomplish something find a way and people who don’t want to accomplish something find an excuse. If you want to change the world, use what you have to make it happen.

I encourage everyone who has a cause they care about to turn to social media and start writing about it. In order to be a world changer, an activist, or a person that matters, you do not have to pick a big grandiose cause championed by superstars. Is your children’s home and school association important to you? Is your daughter’s girl scout troop doing good deeds in your community? Do you have a gift for comedy and the ability to uplift with your humorous stories? If you answered yes to any of these questions or one like it, you can be a world changer, a woman of influence and a voice for change.

If you want to change the world, influence society and make the world better, stop talking about it. Start doing it! Pull out your smart phone right now and write a Facebook status about something that matters to you.  Go on Twitter and write a tweet to share your message. Start a blog and share your ideas. Recently, a friend told me it doesn’t have to be perfect to be profitable. In other words, don’t wait for the perfect vehicle to share your message. Start where you are and with what you have.

In conclusion, it is fantastic to know you can change the world right where you are with what you have. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, do you want to change the world? If so grab your phone and go!

Janeane Davis

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  • Spreading the word goes a lot faster in todays world with social media.

  • People always say social media cripples our society. I disagree. I think it strengthens it IF we use it the right way.

  • It amazes me how today's technology has empowered anyone to make a difference. We all have a voice...you just have to use the tools at your disposal.

  • Yes - social media can definitely help spread the word. It's a powerful tool that should be used for good more often.

  • A lot of people talk about doing things but are too scared to try it. I am trying to make my dreams come true. Fail or succeed, at least I tried. :)

  • social media has given us many new ways to share and cheer others. It can be a quick way to rally others for good and bad.

  • It's true. Social media so incredibly powerful at getting the word out.

  • Social media is so helpful to me when I need something, a quick question or inspiration for something I'm working on. However, it is only helpful if you give what you take!

  • Social Media is a blessing and a curse. I'm thrilled to see people using it to bless others and I hope I use it in way that makes a difference in others lives too. My blogs states many of its causes on the front page but there are many others I support too.

  • Social Media can be such a force for good if we all would just use it that way!!

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