charity starts at home

Everyone has heard the expression, “charity begins at home.” When I hear that expression, I always add the words, “but it doesn’t have to stay there.”

The world is full of people who are fortunate. Often when people think about what makes a person fortunate, they think about money and material goods. They think people are fortunate if they have enough to meet all their needs and many of their wants. That is one way to be fortunate, but not the only way. Another way to be fortunate is to be able to give what you have to others.

Often when people think about helping others they are reluctant because they think they don’t have a lot to offer. Others think they need more experience, more money, more time. The fact is in order to give you simply need to start where you are, with what you have. Here are a few ways I have been charitable in my neighborhood that cost almost no money, but yielded great benefits.

  • tutoring program for children living on you street
  • volunteering with the school home and school association
  • giving speeches at the local school to help other parents
  • starting a day camp and lunch program at a local church

charity starts at home

Take time today to start doing charitable work of your own.  Darron Lamkin, pictured above, is an engineer who does charitable work by teaching teens how to transform everyday objects into incredible feats of design.  He found his work as an engineer lonely so he decided to teach engineering workshops to teens in his hometown of Oklahoma City. When he started his program “Class Matters” he funded the program with money he saved from his engineering job while living on almost no money. A grant from Verizon funded his program and enabled him to get proper equipment so that he could give the students a great learning experience. Click here to read more about his story and how a grant from Verizon is helping change lives.

charity starts at home

Another way you can do charitable work and be a help to others is through HopeLine. Through HopeLine, Verizon gives cash grants, cell phones, cell phone minutes and other resources to programs that help victims and survivors of domestic violence. Cell phones and cell phone minutes allow survivors to keep connected to family members, their children’s schools, law enforcement and medical providers. These phones offer a lifeline and hope to people in need. From the comfort of your home you can give your old phone to HopeLine so that it can be processed and the money from the phone can be used to help HopeLine continue its good work. Click here to read more about HopeLine and how you can help Verizon make life better for survivors of domestic violence.

Take time today to look at your skills, interests and available time. When you want to start doing charitable work, those things are a good place to start. Offer what you have to the world. Do not worry that what you have to offer isn’t good enough. Just as there is a lid for every pot, there is work that you can do to make the world around you a better place. Use what you have. The question for you is, what do you have to offer and when will you start sharing it with the world?