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  1. I hate when my kids get hurt. Its always nice to have a place geared just towards kids to take them to though.

  2. Yes, the hospital is all about the kids. It is a great thing. The kids are scared and aggravated enough when they show up. It is important to give them a good atmosphere for care, treatment and recovery.

  3. It is comforting to know that things are better for your grandchildren than they were for your children.

  4. I am sorry your little one had that experience. CHOP and the kiddie atmosphere does make the kids feel better.

  5. You are correct that it is important for children to have a great and caring environment for when they are ill. I am blessed to be near many sources of great healthcare for my family.

  6. While I hope people never need, CHOP. I am glad to provide this information for when it is needed.

  7. When you are dealing with the stress of needing medical care, it is a big help to have a quality provider neary.

  8. It is horrible seeing your child seriously injured. When it happened to me it was the worst day of my life.

  9. I hope you never need to have hospital care. But, it is good to know good care is available if we ever need it.

  10. Yes, when the parents are confident with the people providing the care, the confidence is passed on to the children.

  11. Yes, we have had the same pediatrician for 20 years. She is not at CHOP, but when things are serious, she sends us there for testing, care and treatment.

  12. The main hospital is close, but even better is the fact that there are satellite offices all around the area that are still connected.

  13. Finding good healthcare is stressful. It is comforting to know that the hospital my mom trusted for my siblings and I is still a reliable source of health care.

  14. The kids do feel comfy there because it is obvious that everything is all about them.

  15. It does help you live with a sense of comfort knowing that great care is right around the corner.

  16. When you walk through the walkway between the buildings and see the happy endings, it makes you feel great!

  17. I love that the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has all the photos from the patients. It sounds like a great hospital.

  18. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia sounds like a great hospital. It must be a relief to have a great hospital so close by.

  19. CHOP certainly sounds like a great option for people. It’s really awesome that they make kids feel comfortable there.

  20. So glad that you are sharing this with so many families who need it. Finding good care can be so stressful.

  21. Sounds like a great hospital. I love how child friendly they are!

  22. That sounds like a great place for families. That’s great to hear that they’re so close to you. I wish there was one closer to me.

  23. I think having a reliable pediatric hospital is a must! I do not know what we would do without our’s!

  24. CHOP sounds like a really great place to get medical care for kids. It’s so scary when they’re hurt or sick and so much easier when you can feel confident in where you are taking them.

  25. This sounds like an amazing hospital! I am thankful we haven’t needed a hospital very many times but this one sounds great for treating kids.

  26. CHOP seems like a great facility. It must be so stressful to be a parent and witness injuries on your children (whether big or small). Good to know you have a reliable hospital facility nearby.

  27. It’s a stressful scary time when you need hospital services. A great facility is key.

  28. What an interesting program, glad you are sharing it with others who may need to take use of this!

  29. It’s always important to be 100% confident when you take your child to a health care provider or facility. CHOP sounds like great place to go if your child needs medical care!

  30. Sounds like a great facility. So important for young children to have a great and caring environment when they are sick. I am glad you this so close to home for you.

  31. Wow, this sounds perfect for kids. I had to take my little to an ear/nose/ & Throat dr and it was so intimidating for her. The chairs were normal and there was nothing to help her feel at home.

  32. It is SO important to be happy and comfortable with the medical care you have for your children. I remember the stress of it all when my kids were little. I’m happy that my kids don’t have the same worries with my grandkids. I think it’s wonderful that you have the same comfort for your children that you had when going to CHOP.

  33. CHOP sounds great for families in the Philadelphia area. You are lucky to have them so closeby!

  34. I love how colorful CHOP main hospital is inside as well. It was much different than I was expecting the first time we went there and it was very welcoming.

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