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Commit to Making Your Business a Success By Showing Up Each Business Day

It is thrilling to commit to making your business a success by showing up to work each business day. If you ask most employers what they want most from an employee, one thing that will almost always make the list is for the employee to be dependable and show up to work each day. After all, employees are needed to do the tasks that make the business run. Interestingly, many entrepreneurs do not show up at their own businesses each day. They fail to show up literally and figuratively. This is a mistake that should be avoided, period. As the owner of a business enterprise, you must physically show up your place of business. Further, when you show up you must have your mind on your business and your business on your mind.


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Many entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time picking out just the right employees who will carry forth the business vision. A mistake that is then made by some entrepreneurs is to leave running the business in the hands of those carefully selected employees. No one can communicate an entrepreneur’s vision quite like the entrepreneur herself. For that reason, the entrepreneur must be present in the workplace to do the communicating. I have a client who owns a business in an exciting and developing industry. He hires good employees and gives them almost unlimited freedom to carry out work-related tasks. He however almost never comes into the office. He prefers to work at home and will call employees periodically to check on things and to complain about how things are going. What he does not do is actually go to work when the employees are at the office working. Because he is never at the office, he is threatened when the people who do succeed or come up with good ideas. He sees great employees as threats instead of valuable parts of the business. As a result, the business has never reached the lofty heights it should have reached.

Most businesses do not succeed unless people put work into them. It does not matter what type of business it is that you are creating show up and work. If your business is selling Avon on the side to earn extra money, show up and do some work on your business, sit at your work area and place orders, research products, try out samples, do something to make your business work. If you are the owner of a sales organization, show up work, talk with your sales staff about their challenges and areas of ease. Go out on sales calls with them on occasion to see what the environment your business operates in is like. Your employees should never think they know more about your business than you simply because you refuse to show up and work each day as you should. By showing up in your workplace each day, without saying a word, you show your employees that you care about your business and are as committed to it as you want them to be. Think about the situation realistically and rationally. Who do you respect more, a person who leads by example or a person tells you to do what they say, not what they do? Most people have more respect for a person who leads by example. Be the shining example in your business. No matter how large or small your business is, no matter what type of business you have, there is work for you to do each day, so, show up like a grown up and work.

In conclusion, it is thrilling to commit to making your business a success by showing up to work each day. So, the question for you this thrilling day is, how do you show commitment to your business.

Janeane Davis

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  • I work from home at a job besides my blogging hobby. Definitely a balancing act!

  • It took me awhile to realize I NEED to get up before the kids to get anything done, and to keep my house under control. It's so easy to say "I work from home, I can get up when I want" but it's a slippery slope of time management from there on in...

    • I work at home with the blog and my consulting business, but the reality is most of my work gets done based on my kids' schedules not my own. I am up early and stay up late to get things done without interruption. I agree with you about the slippery slope!

  • Working from home, it took me awhile to find my rhythm. It's easy to show up TOO much, or not be where you need to be at the right time because you lose track of time. There are ways that I "show up" like having my chat function on so that anyone can send me a message at any time, making sure my phone is near me and I answer it, and being presentable (hair done, clothes on) in case someone wants to do a video call.

  • This definitely makes sense. I agree that little gets done "right" when the big cheese is not a constant presence. I think most of us want to do well for our superiors, and will work even harder if we know we are being watch and have a chance of being praised for our work.

  • Yes, I am very tired today after a full conference yesterday and prepping for it the day before. However, this is Thursday and it is time for business. I had my 5:30am accountability call (okay I was late; 6am today). Working on who I need to contact today and going through emails now. And another 8am accountability call. Okay, back to work! LOL

    • Tara you do more before 8 am than most people do all day. You are a inspiration!

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