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Commit to Read for Yourself — 23 Comments

  1. Yea the media can certainly twist things into their own agenda. It is important to get all the facts.

  2. I agree! I hate when people post articles to social media that are misconstrued or they do not read them.

  3. With so much information coming at us on the internet, it’s important to do our own research. I always try to do additional research. You never know if a site has a bias.

  4. I have definitely learned to research everything before believing it or reposting it on social media. It’s absolutely shocking how much false information is floating around on Facebook but even worse is how many people are believing it without checking out the facts!

  5. I think this is such a wonderful post. I think reading is extremely important. I think often we react to situations without actually reading about them first.

  6. It is so important to remember not to believe everything you read online. Doing your homework can help you know what to believe.

  7. So true! I also tell my kids there are two sides of the story to try to get them to think about what they have heard or read. Thankfully they read a ton so that helps.

  8. Sorry dont mind the last one. I tell my kids this all the time because they want to come home having an opinion because of what the kid down the street tells them. its so inportant to be educated and form your own. i’m a firm believer in that!

  9. haha I tell my kids that ALL the time. They come home telling me what they believe because of what

  10. It’s just so important to do your research. Even I have been caught up in something because I read only part of it and trusted the source it came from – only to find out it was false. Now I’m much more careful about what I believe and what I share.

  11. Yes to this so much. So often we react first, without knowing the facts or the whole story.

  12. It is so easy to get caught up in what you see with out looking things up!! I make sure to look up more details into what I am reading before sharing, and that it’s current.

  13. Those types of headlines are the very reason I research everything to the hilt. I do not believe an opinion can be formed without having facts first. An opinion made without knowledge, isn’t valid.

  14. The mainstream media are experts at twisting and turning a story into something that suits their needs, and the general public are experts at taking what the media says as gospel.

  15. I think this is just about the most important post you’ve ever written. NOBODY does their own reading or research anymore. They just look at a meme and start railing.

  16. This is completely on the nail. With so many different channels putting out different opinions, you need to make your own before conforming to whatever you see or hear online.

  17. I am always on social media and find this to be so true. Not enough research goes into stories anymore and I am always telling my children not to believe everything you read. Even dependable sources should be verified.

  18. This is great, very inspirational. Reading for yourself is important!

  19. That’s just one of the reasons I tend to pull away from social media…you can find all kinds of lies in things you read. I think it’s super important to always seek out the truth for yourself.

  20. OMG! It is so important to do your own research before just believing everything you read. This happens so much on social media it is ridiculous. I wish people would research more first.

  21. I completely agree with this! You need to do your own research and not just taken what people are saying. There’s so much out there that is construed wrong in light of how the press in the media want you to hear it. That is not the whole truth or might not even need any truth so do your own research.

  22. I LOVE this just so much! Too many people have a knee jerk reaction to a post or they never go any deeper than a purely biased article. The truth is never handed to us in this world. We have to find it.

  23. People are definitely bad about sharing things without reading them. It’s important to get the whole story before you repost.

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