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Completion – Spring Into Action Now, Don’t Wait — 6 Comments

  1. Melinda, I do all my writing via computer or tablet now. But once per month, I have a list of people I write with pen and paper, write a letter to. People never get handwritten letters anymore so it is always a treat for my friends.

  2. I am glad to hear you say that Heather, because I thought it was just my list! It feels good to share that problem with someone else.

  3. I agree Sarah, there is something really good about crossing things off the list. My list is electronic now, but I still like the cross off!

  4. It seems like everything gets off the list, 2 things get added!

  5. “It does not matter what method you use for completing tasks, the most important part is the act of completion, not the completion method. ” SOOOOOO TRUE!!! I love to get things OFF the list!!!

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