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Want to Create Confidence? Help Others




One of the best ways to create confidence is to help others! It seems strange at first to think that helping someone else would help you increase your confidence, but it does.  W\you help others you show them and yourself that you have something of value to offer the world. The ability to help others is a sign of worth, and an important place in the world. When you have an important place in the world, it makes you feel more confident.

If you want to be more confident, step out from behind your protective shell and help someone.

When you reach out and help other people your confidence is boosted. You can only help others if you have the ability, knowledge, and competence to do a thing. When you help another person, you are sharing your knowledge, skills, and expertise. It does not matter what you are helping the person with if you are providing help to someone you have some skill, talent or expertise that is of value. The more people you are able to help, the more you are using your knowledge, skills, and expertise. Each time a person asks you for help accepts your help and thanks you for your help it is a vote of confidence in you. Sometimes if enough other people have confidence in you, it rubs off and gives you self-confidence.



Take a moment now and look for places where you can be of assistance to others. Look inside your home with family members. Check with your neighbors to see what type of help they need that you can provide. The help you give doesn’t have to be major in nature. The size of the assistance you provide is not important, the important thing is that you offer assistance to those in need. When you help others it gives you confidence a boost even if you don’t realize it because you are someone who people can rely upon. When you become a person others can rely upon, you start to see yourself as reliable. When you see yourself as reliable, it will be a boost to your confidence level.

There are all kinds of ways to create the confidence you need to get things done and helping others is one of them.



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