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Want to Create Confidence? Just Do It!

You start creating and having the confidence you want by putting on your big girl panties and deciding you will have it. It means you mentally by actually deciding that you will be confident, is the essential first step in the journey towards confidence.


Almost everyone who wants to be confident can be confident with the right preparation. Fortunately, the right preparation starts before one ever gets out of bed in the morning. It starts in your mind. It starts with a plan to make it happen while still in bed, before letting your feet touch the ground. This means you decide to show up like a grown up and take responsibility for your own life.

You put on your big girl panties one leg at a time. You do it one step at a time, the whole while believing that you will succeed at getting the panties from ankles to hips. When you put on your big girl panties you recognize that you control your destiny and take steps to make your world what you want it to be. Putting on your big girl panties is a figure of speech which means get ready to deal with all you are going to encounter while recognizing that though there may be some difficulties ahead, you must move forward toward accomplishing your goals.


For many women, there is a certain undergarment that makes her feel grown up, special and powerful. Those are her big girl panties. The one she puts on in the morning when she knows good and important things are going to happen that day. When you wake up in the morning, before you sit up in bed, stop, take a deep breath and picture your favorite big girl panties in your mind. For some people, these panties will be plain white comfy granny panties. For other people, it will be a delicious treat of a pair of panties from your favorite lingerie shop. It doesn’t matter. Just picture your favorite grown-up panties and picture yourself pulling them up and on. When you have put on your big girl panties on in your mind, you have started your mental preparations to have a confident day.

The next time you have something hard or scary to do, don’t pause to think of reasons why you cannot do it. Just picture yourself pulling up your panties, stepping up and doing the job. If you are meeting with supervisors at your job to discuss advancement opportunities, do not spend time being afraid or nervous about the meeting. Instead, get ready for the meeting by making some notes in your tablet or on some 3 x 5 cards to make sure that you remember important points you want to discuss during the meeting. If you have to go to a parent/teacher meeting at your children’s school. Do not be afraid of what will happen. Instead, in your mind, pull up the big girl panties, get your mature grown-up attitude in place and prepare to do what is necessary to protect and promote the interest of your child as you work toward resolving the problems occurring at the school.

So, the question for you this magnificent day is how do you pull up your big girl panties and create the confidence you need?



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