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Confidence Tip #1 – Keep Track of Your Wins


I believe everyone has all the confidence they need inside them and that you can create all the confidence you need before you get out of bed in the morning.


Today’s confidence tip is –  Keep track of your wins.

One of my favorite expressions is that you don’t get ready, you stay ready. That idea comes into play when it comes to creating confidence. Start keeping a list of your wins and successes. The list doesn’t have to be fancy.  You can use a pen and paper or your favorite electronic device.

The thing you use to keep track of your wins and losses does not matter. What matters is that you start doing it and start doing it today. The list is the first step in helping you create the confidence you need to succeed. The second step is using the list. Using the list can be just as rewarding as creating the list.

Whenever life hands you a situation where you need to use a boost of confidence, pull out your list. Reviewing a list of wins and successes will give you a confidence boost you need. The list can also be used prophylactically. This means the list can be read on a regular basis to keep confidence high.

I am an electronic type of person. At the end of each day, I create an event in my electronic calendar that starts like this, “Good memory for the day . . . ” The end of the sentence is a good memory from the day or a success I would like to remember. I set the event as an all-day event and set it to repeat every year on the same day. I have been doing this for a few years now  This means that every day I am greeted with a list of past wins and successes.

The idea of taking time to celebrate wins and successes has become popular with creators of planners and journals. These journals encourage users to write down their wins at the end of each day. I have created a document I use each day that among other things asks me to document my wins each day. This document helps me to celebrate and remember my wins and successes each day.

So, take some time today to start celebrating your wins. Start with any win, small or large. The sooner you realize and recognize that you are a winner, the more confident you will be. Always remember that creating confidence begins and ends in your mind so you can create all the confidence you need to succeed before you leave bed in the morning.

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