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Congratulations -You Are Going to Monster Jam at the Wells Fargo Center — 27 Comments

  1. HOW FUN!!! My nephew would love to go to one of these shows! He loves all monster trucks!

  2. I have no idea what Monster Jam is but it must be hot! Congrats to Desmond N and everyone else going.

  3. I bet my son would love this! He is totally into cars and monster trucks!

  4. My husband and I were just talking about this. We’re going to take our son! I’ve never been. I heard it’s super loud but it’s great!

  5. My son’s always wanted to go to the Monster Jam’s but I had such trouble with the noise levels. If my grandsons want to go, I’ll have to bring ear plugs!

  6. I took my daughter and nephew to Monster Jam a few months back and they absolutely loved the experience and keep asking me when I will take them back! Monster Jam is always a very entertaining experience!

  7. We’ve never been to Monster jam. Sounds like something my son would enjoy.

  8. My son went to his first Monster Jam last year with my brother-in-law and his cousins. We just found out one will be coming about 30 minutes away from us in early 2015. We are buying tickets as soon as they go on sale. Now hooked on Monster Jam!

  9. I know my son would enjoy attending this. Maybe it will come to our area too.

  10. My kids would totally love watching that.

  11. This is going to be our first time going to the Monster Jam. We are really excited about it.

  12. Monster Jam is our MUST SEE show. The kids love it! Heck we all love it! We see it either in Milwaukee or Chicago each year! GREAT Family Fun!

  13. I would love to take my boys, they love Monster Trucks Hope they come to our area..

  14. I have not gone in so long. I’d love to take the kids!

  15. Oh, I hope they come to our area too! The boys love Monster Jam, and we haven’t been in a while.

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