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Balance It – No More Crabs in a Barrel – Encourage a Friend




It is fantastic to encourage a friend who is making her work/life balance a success. There are some people who are able to make everything work: home, work, kids, spouse and friends. Everything in their lives seems to be at ease and working in harmony. When these people are observed from afar or even up close everything seems to be organized, all together and running smoothly. Because everything looks so smooth and at ease no one ever thinks of these people as having problems or difficulties in keeping all the balls floating in the air. Often, observers forget that it takes a lot of work to make balancing it all look easy.

Most people are familiar with the idea of crabs in a barrel. If there is a barrel full of crabs a lid doesn’t have to be placed on top of the barrel to keep the crabs inside. A lid is not needed because  the crabs will pull on each other and keep each other from crawling to freedom at the top of the basket. Often that type of behavior is copied in people. It is wrong, there is a better way. If you are a person who has a friend who seems to have it all together, don’t be jealous. Don’t admire her from afar. Instead, compliment and encourage her.



Often people who are strong and able to keep all those balls in the air do not receive the encouragement they need from others because they do not appear to need it, and that is a shame.  Often, those who are managing everything and doing a good job with it could use a compliment, some encouragement and some notice of the good work they are doing. The work they are doing to balance work/life and all the pieces is hard and takes a lot of energy. It is a good thing to encourage our friends who are successfully making it work.

Look around at your circle of friends and acquaintances  today. If there is a woman who is working it out, who is balancing all those obligations she has and doing it well, encourage her, compliment her. It is a good thing to do. It will make her world better to hear someone say she is doing a job to be praised and admired. It will do her good to know that the work she puts into getting everything to balance is noticed and appreciated.


In conclusion, it is fantastic to encourage a friend who is making her work life balance  a success. So, the question for you this fantastic day is are you encouraging your friends who are trying to make their work/life balancing act work?

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  • I have a few friends that make balancing life look effortless. I'm envious!

  • I love this reminder to support another Mom. Support is key. Not only does it help the other Mom, but it helps you as well.

  • I'm really bad about this. I try, but jealousy rears its ugly head too often.

  • Great quote. It is so important to support each other- thank you for this kind post and reminder.

  • I think it's important to support one another. I know I always feel a bit more energized or feel things are worthwhile when someone shares a kind word with me!

  • I think it is so important to encourage friends who are being successful instead of resenting them. It's so much more healthier.

  • We all need to encourage each other. And instead of jealousy we need to be inspired to get our own lives in balance.

  • This is a great reminder. I always think to myself how amazing someone is, but I rarely tell them. I should be more verbal in telling my friends that I recognize their success!

  • Everyone needs support. I try to encourage and support my friends when ever I can!

  • Encouraging people is so important. Everyone can use some now and then. I know I can.

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