Creating Confidence 5 Day Challenge

Create all The Confidence You Need Before You Get Out of Bed

By Janeane Davis, J.D.


Day 4: How to Create the Confidence You Want


Day 1 Get Dressed with Confidence Before You Get Out of Bed

Day 2 How to Define Confidence and Happiness in Your Life

Day 3 How to Portray Confidence When You Don’t Feel Confident

Day 4 How to Create the Confidence You Want

Day 5 Being Confident Through the Week


Welcome to Day Four of the 5 Day Creating Confidence Challenge.  I believe that everyone can succeed and be happy with the right encouragement inspiration, and motivation. That is why I created the blogs Janeane’s World and Blogging Bookkeeper. It is also why I work each day to create resources designed to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to be your best work and home. Confidence encourages inspires, and motivates us to do and be better. Thus, the idea for this 5 Day Creating Confidence Challenge.


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This challenge consists of two parts. The first part is a message that will help you create the confidence you need to do anything you want. The second part is a homework assignment that will help you start increasing your confidence. So, let’s get started talking about how you can create the confidence you want.

Confidence is a treasure, more valuable than rubies and diamonds. Confidence is what enables us to slay dragons, fight wars and reach the stars. In other words, confidence is what helps us to reach our goals, get promoted at work, have successful marriages, raise happy children and run successful businesses.  Confidence is best when it is an ever-present force. There are things you can do to build confidence and keep it present in your life.

Most people think of confidence as a noun, a thing that people either have or do not have. Don’t think that way. Instead, think of confidence as a noun and a verb. When you think of confidence as a verb, you immediately think of action, of something you do. When you begin to think of confidence as something you must actively do, you are more likely to take action now and get things done.

There are a few tried and true techniques you can use to create the confidence you need to do everything you want. These include:


Take Action Now aka TAN

Vision Boards

Mind Maps

If You Want It, Build It


Take Action Now aka TAN  


Once you have dressed with confidence before getting out of bed in the morning, started defining confidence for yourself, and know how to portray confidence even when you don’t feel it, you are ready to create a confident lifestyle for yourself. To do that, you must TAN.

TAN is an acronym for Take Action Now.

Here is a story that will perfectly explain the concept of Take Action Now aka TAN.


One cold winter day in Philadelphia, five birds were sitting on a telephone wire when two birds said,

“We have decided to go to Florida for the winter.”

Question: How many birds were left on the

telephone wire?

Answer: Five, because deciding to do something is not the same as actually doing the thing!


When it comes to building confidence and creating confidence that will help you all your life, no matter what else you must do, you must take action now and start doing things to build and maintain your  confidence.


Vision boards  


Vision boards are a popular tool for getting things done. Once upon a time, people thought vision boards were a tool for teenage girls to dream up wedding plans. Over the course of time, as more and more people used vision boards, people learned what vision boards actually are and how to use them to take action now and get things done. When done properly, vision boards are not just a picture of what is to come, they are a roadmap to get to the final destination.

Today, with Pinterest, memes on social media and advanced word processing programs and online journals you don’t have to wait until you gather up a bunch of magazines to create a vision board.  You can clip photos from anywhere on the internet and create electronic vision boards. One of the best things about electronic vision boards is that you can save them on your computer, tablet and smart phone. This means you don’t have to wait until you get home to look at your vision board and be inspired.

Vision boards are useful tools when you want to create the confidence you want in your life because they allow you to sit down and physically create the world you want. There is power in creating the vision board. When you create a world where you are confident and reap the rewards of confidence, it makes the dream that you can be confident real. If you can create it on paper, you can create it in your life. There is something truly powerful about seeing the confident world you want in your hands. It will inspire you to let the greatness in you out into the world.


Mind maps


If photographs and collages are not the things that will motivate you to take action now and work to create or maintain the confidence you need, perhaps mind maps will work for you. A mind map is a way of organizing your thoughts and ideas in a visual manner. Normally, a mind map starts with a central point or idea in the middle and then everything spreads out from there. You can do a small mind map quickly. Take out a sheet of paper and write the words, “I am Confident” in the middle of the page. Draw a circle around the words. Then draw a line from the circle to some other point on the page and write down what would make you feel confident. Draw another line to and write down times when you acted with confidence. Draw another line write down a benefit of confidence. Continue to draw these lines and write down what will make you feel confident, when you have acted with confidence and the benefits of confidence. This is a simple mind map!

Originally, mind maps were done with pen and paper. Like the one you just created if you followed the instructions above. Today there are a great number of mind mapping programs on the market. If mind mapping is new to you, do not go out and buy an expensive program. Try a few free versions first. With mind maps, you can keep track of what you have done and what still needs to be done quickly, with just a glance.

Create a few mind maps of your own for things that are going on in your life. Be sure to do a confidence mind map. Carry the confidence mind map around with you either on paper or on your favorite electronic device. When it comes to confidence, the mind map will help you move forward. It will help you see the steps you need to take to develop and maintain the confidence you need in your life. A mind map is a tool and like all tools, it works best when it is used rather than simply sitting on the shelf. The purpose of the mind map is to help you take action now and get things done.


If you want it, build it  


If you have no confidence and want to have it, there is only one sure way to get it. You must build it. This is not something you can delegate, farm out or assign to a committee. You must step up and put some skin in the game. In other words, if you want to be confident you must do things to create the confidence. You must build the confident life you desire.

No matter how many books you read, conferences you attend or webinars you watch online, nothing with help you build and maintain confidence until you step up and put in the work to create the confidence you desire. This book is full of ideas, tips and methods for building confidence. Start with the first one and work your way through this book. Try them all until you find the method or methods that work best for you. There is only one thing that truly stands between you and the confidence you desire and that is you stepping up and doing the work to build it.



Your homework for today is to pick one of the methods listed above and use it to create a plan for achieving the confidence you want.

Tune in tomorrow for Day Two of the Creating Confidence 5 Day Challenge.


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