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Creating Confidence 5 Day Challenge – Day 5

Creating Confidence 5 Day Challenge

Create all The Confidence You Need Before You Get Out of Bed

By Janeane Davis, J.D.

Day 5: Being Confident Through the Week

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Day 5 Being Confident Through the Week

Welcome to Day Five of the Creating Confidence 5 Day Challenge. I believe that everyone can succeed and be happy with the right encouragement inspiration, and motivation. That is why I created the blogs Janeane’s World and Blogging Bookkeeper. It is also why I work each day to create resources designed to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to be your best work and home. Confidence encourages inspires, and motivates us to do and be better. Thus, the idea for this Creating Confidence 5 Day Challenge.

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This challenge consists of two parts. The first part is a message that will help you create the confidence you need to do anything you want. The second part is a homework assignment that will help you start increasing your confidence. So, let’s get started talking about being confident all week long.

It is not just a cliché; your attitude really does determine your altitude. So, take action now to get an attitude that leads to confidence. Your confidence and your attitude are both things you control. Think about it, you have very little control over other people on the planet. Anyone who has ever attempted to parent a child or manage a staff has a clear understanding of just how difficult it is to control others. However, your attitude about others and your reaction to what others do is completely within your control. Since these things are in your control, step up, stand firm and adopt the attitude of a confident victor in all you do.

I have a fun way to create confidence all week long. I use alliteration to create a catchy and inspirational name for each day of the week. You can use my ideas or create fun names and ideas of your own.

Here are the names Of have each day:

Serene Sunday

Magnificent Monday

Terrific Tuesday

Wonderful Wednesday

Thrilling Thursday

Fantastic Friday

Sensational Saturday

Serene Sunday

Sunday is the day before the traditional work week starts. Always remember that part of having confidence is being at peace with yourself and your place in the world. Sunday is a great time to make special preparations to get your mind set for the week to come. Start off in the morning by telling yourself that the day is Serene Sunday and you are going to be serene and at peace. Just tell yourself it will happen. Do not pay attention to anything that tries to attack or take away your serenity.

Magnificent Monday

Monday is often looked at with dismay because it is the end of the weekend and time to get back to work. Often, time to get back to work that people do not enjoy. To create, maintain or increase your confidence, look at Monday a whole new way. When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself that today is Magnificent Monday and that magnificent things are happening all over. No matter what is going on in your life, find something magnificent to celebrate. You woke up, many people did not, that is magnificent.

Terrific Tuesday

The challenge for Tuesday is to look for the terrific in the world around you. Tuesday is just a plain work day for most people. It doesn’t fill us with dread the way Monday does. It does not excite us the way Friday does. Tuesday is just a plain ordinary sort of day. When you wake up on

Tuesdays, take a breath and decide that each Tuesday is Terrific Tuesday. Look around you for a terrific thing. It can be something as simple as a delicious breakfast item from your kitchen or a delightful sunrise. If you can’t find a terrific thing to celebrate, create it by walking with your head held high, a swivel in your hip and a hop in your step. The terrific in Tuesday can be something you bring to the table. Finding and celebrating the terrific in the world is another way of boosting your confidence.

Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday comes with a little built in wonderful. Wednesday is hump day. If you make it to Wednesday, you have made it half way through the typical work week. There is already something wonderful about the day. On Wednesdays, look around for something wonderful to celebrate and enjoy. The accomplishment of making it through Monday and Tuesday is a start. Save a serving of your favorite coffee or tea to treat yourself to on Wednesday so that you bring your own bit of wonderful to the day.

Thrilling Thursday

There really is something thrilling about Thursdays. The work week is almost over and the weekend is close enough to touch. There is a thrill to having made it through the week and preparing to enjoy the weekend. If you want to find the thrills, look for them. To set things up for yourself, start savings something a little exciting, a little thrilling for your Thursdays. Keep in mind, to be a thrill for your Thrilling Thursday, the thing must be a pleasant thrill, something that makes you smile and feel good. When done correctly, Thrilling Thursday activities can help you be more confident and can even increase your confidence when you need a boost.

Fantastic Friday

Fridays are fantastic for many reasons. Friday is payday at most companies and is typically the last day of the work week. Those things alone are enough to make a day fantastic. When you start off the day planning to look for the fantastic in the world around you, you will find things that are truly fantastic. If you cannot imagine the fantastic things would be, set your alarm to get up early and look for the sunrise. Plan to go outside to enjoy the sunset. Those things are both fantastic. Keep in mind, if you find something that is truly fantastic, you can enjoy that same fantastic each Fantastic Friday. Seeing the fantastic in the world will help you recognize the fantastic in yourself and can help increase your confidence.

Sensational Saturday

Saturday is the only semi-free day that many people have. Saturday is sensational for the freedom it brings. Start your Saturdays by imagining all the sensational things that are to come.

This is a time to venture out, walk around the neighborhood, go to the local library. Get prepared for sensational times. On Sensational Saturday, just as you do every day, remember if you want it, you must build it. Do not sit around merely waiting for something sensational to happen. Instead, look for it, plan for it or create it. If you put in the work, you will find the sensational in each Saturday. Create a Sensational Saturday and you will find sensational ways to increase your confidence.

Your homework for today is:

1. Create your own list of names for each day of the week.

2. Create an activity that you can do each day to celebrate the day and build confidence.

  1. Make a list of two things you will look for or do each day to make the day magnificent, terrific, wonderful, etc. Save this list so you can refer to it when you need help to create confidence.


Tune in tomorrow for Day Two of the Creating Confidence 5 Day Challenge.


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