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Cyber Monday and Three Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Cyber Monday has three lessons for entrepreneurs even those who are not offering Cyber Monday specials. If you are an entrepreneur of any kind, check these out. Never forget that entrepreneurs should be ABL – always be learning.
Each fall, the Monday after Thanksgiving day is full of people surfing the internet looking for special Cyber Monday steals and deals. Entrepreneurs who are running Cyber Monday specials are going crazy trying to get, keep or make sales. Entrepreneurs who are not running specials are watching with interest. Entrepreneurs who are successful on Cyber Monday will know a few things that other entrepreneurs would be well served to learn and embrace.  These lessons are:
  1. Be dependable
  2. Make your website user-friendly
  3. Anticipate customer demands
  4. Be prepared to give customers what they want
Be Dependable
It is important that customers be able to rely on you. This is why it is important to keep steady hours. When customers know that you provide a particular product or service they will come to you when they or someone they care about needs what you make or sell. McDonald’s for example, is successful because customers know they can walk in and get a cheeseburger and fries. When you became a steady and dependable provider of a product or service customers will come back again and again.
Make your Website User-Friendly
Increasingly customers are checking out a company’s website before calling the company or before visiting a store. Online purchases are also increasing in number each day. This means that websites are fast becoming an important part of business operations. It is important to have a website that your customers can easily navigate in order to find what they want. When building your website, be careful not to do things that are pleasing to you that your customers will not like. Be sure your website is easy to navigate and not full of glitches. Just this morning for example, I tried to join a business networking website but their spam protection has a flaw that makes it impossible to get to the place I wanted to be to make a purchase. I will not be going back to that site again. Do not make this something customers experience when they visit your website.
Anticipate Customer Demands
Entrepreneurs who are successful on Cyber Monday have learned to anticipate customer demands. By paying attention to what is going on in the market and what is going on in their own businesses smart entrepreneurs can figure out what customers want and put themselves in a position to supply those them. It is important to be able to figure out not only what you customers want now, but what they will want a week, a month and even a year from now.
Be Prepared to Give Customers What They Want
Once you understand what your customers want, you have to be prepared to provide it.  It is not sufficient to know what your customers want and do nothing with the information. If you are going to be successful in business, you must provide it for your customers. Customer demands change over th course of time. If you want to be successful, understand that the customer may not always be right, but most are willing to pay for what they want. Be prepared to give your customers what they want and they will continue to be customers into the future.
Entrepreneurs, whether you participate in Cyber Monday or not, learn what you can from entrepreneurs who do. These lessons can help you do better in your business all year long.
Janeane Davis

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  • Great tips. It is better to have knowledge about our products to satisfy our customers.

  • I love Cyber Monday but that's from the customer side, you made some great points though from the business side. Wish all businesses would follow these.

  • Another awesome tips for us.. I am new in this business and your tips will help me much.. Thanks..

  • This is a great tips for entrepreneurs. Very helpful and useful.. Thank you for sharing your knowledge..

  • These are great tips. And not just for Cyber Monday they're can be used year round.

  • I think the key is anticipating demand. Not only for what product(s) they'll want, but how quickly, and at what price!

  • Excellent tips. We are having a terrific Cyber Monday today. Our company just went to free shipping until the end of the year. Who doesn't love free shipping!

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