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  1. Being an impulsive, go from the gut sort of person, BB had never thought about looking at things via scientific equation. Would have saved some heartaches for sure.

  2. Sometimes we do make gut based decisions. I am glad that I learned to use science to back up and support my gut feelings.

  3. Yes, it is funny. The thing I use most from school is ratio and proportion. That and the scientific method have stuck with my for lo these many years.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with the scientific method that you’ve mentioned. I personally do SWOT Analysis whenever I’ve to make any tough descision!

  5. I totally remember learning this in school but forgot about. Funny how it is something that can help us as adults!

  6. This is something I’ve studied at University and it works but sometimes you have to make decisions based on your experience and feeling…I trust my sixh sense.

  7. When it comes to making decisions, sometimes I just follow my gut, but sometimes I do research too. It totally depends on the situation.

  8. This is so clever, I totally base my decisions on facts and data so I love this post

  9. My husband laughs because I am the worst at decision making. I am a people pleaser so I usually just ask the opinion of everyone else.

  10. When it comes to making decisions, I always over analyze everything. I can use all the help I can get.

  11. I am the worst at making decisions. I am trying to make up my mind about something now and I keep flip flopping!

  12. I have never been a scientific person but this makes a lot of sense when you want to prove a hypothesis. I usually leave the science to my husband and son but this seems simple enough for me.

  13. I agree that making decisions based on facts and data are so much more productive. So many times we make decisions based on emotion

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