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Define Your Work for Yourself


It is fantastic to realize home and work are independent entities and to define work for one’s self.


When entrepreneurs have small businesses or work from home it is easy for them to make the mistake of combining home and work instead of keeping them separate. It is important for small business entrepreneurs and those who work from home to define their work so that work gets the priority treatment it deserves. When a business is small and growing, small business entrepreneurs often find themselves working to the exclusion of everything else. Similarly, people who work at home tend to work all day long and in almost every room of the house. Both these groups of people need to define what work means. These people need to clearly decide the following items in reference to work:

    • Hours
    • Location
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Email addresses


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It is important to define these things because things work best when work hours are clearly defined. When hours are clearly set, the entrepreneur, customers, and family members have a clear understanding of when work will take place.  It is important to know where work will take place so that all work materials are where they should be when needed. Work is more efficient when it takes place in a constant location rather than in every room of the house. Business telephone numbers must be clearly defined. Customers should be able to contact an entrepreneur on a business phone number that will be answered in a business-like manner.

It is not cute for customers to call a business for business purposes and have that call answered by your three-year-old singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  If an entrepreneur has a clearly set business phone number, it is easier to answer business calls only during business hours. Much of the written communication that takes place in today’s business world takes place via email. For this reason, it is important to have a separate email address for business correspondence. This ensures that all business communication is in one place.

Work and home are different words, so treat the like separate places.


It is extremely hard for entrepreneurs and those who work at home to separate their personal and business lives. While work is important and necessary in order to have the lives we want, it is not good to work so much that home gets ignored. By clearly defining work as discussed just above, it is possible for an entrepreneur or a person who works from home to have a home life.

In conclusion, it is fantastic to realize home and work are independent entities and to define work for one’s self. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, how do you define work?

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