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Disney’s Lion Guard and Lessons for Entrepreneurs

[Tweet “Communication is key to all interactions we have with those around us.”]

As an entrepreneur, you must use communication to help you get what you need for your business, shareholders, employees and those around you. When problems arise in your business as they undoubtedly will, communication can be the difference between keeping a client and losing a client. When things go wrong, when you mess up, talk to the party that has been wronged. Use the ‘fess, fix, forward method. This means you ‘fess up. Admit that you were wrong and apologize. Fix it, do what you can, all you can to fix the problem and make the aggrieved party to feel better. Then move forward, let the aggrieved party know what you will do in the future to keep the problem from occurring again.

It is important to remember that you can learn something no matter where you go and from any source. Never refuse to learn a lesson merely because it comes from an unlikely source. You can learn from children and their television shows just as you can learn from the finest professors in the nation. Always keep your mind open to learning.

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Janeane Davis

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  • I have watched Lion Guard with my nephew and noticed the same "life lessons for adults" theme. Team work is the most important one I noticed. It's hard to work as a team, especially when everyone has such different opinions, but it does help us grow.

  • We love the Lion Guard. It took a bit for me to warm up to it, but I do love the lessons it teaches for my little preschoolers to be able to grasp. That's so awesome that you got to chat with some of the creators. It's so awesome to see how many people and how much work goes into making these incredible shows.

  • Great interview. WE watch the Lion Guard a lot as a family and I love the lessons for the kids.

  • This was a wonderful interview! My kids really loved this movie too!

  • What an inspiring young man! I have watched the Lion Guard with my toddler and we enjoyed it! :)

  • How awesome that Dusan Brown has such encouraging parents. Lion King is a popular movie in our home for many reasons including the life lessons. My daughter must have watched Lion King thousands of times in her life, she will be first in line to see this new movie. Anytime I make future plans one of the first things I do is make sure my team is on board and enthusiastic. We open the floor for concerns, comments or ideas early in the planning stage.

  • First off, how fun that you were able to have such great interview. I agree with you about team work. I find that having a team behind me can keep me motivated and on track. I love having my family as a team, but also my co-workers too.

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