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Do It – Spring Into Action – Don’t Wait — 7 Comments

  1. I’m with Heather. I have to make a list. I’m doing better at work. Need to do the same at home. Thanks for the gentle kick. Very much needed.

  2. I like your AA type introduction. I will join you. My name is Janeane and I am a procrastinator, but I am fighting my way out!

  3. It is hard for me to find ways to balance all the work for my business, my children and my husband. I am trying a new calendar system I hope will work.

  4. Hi =, my name is Heather & I am a procrastinator! Since I know myself, I know that I must write out a checklist, post things onto my calendar, set deadlines and write a plan with action items and goals.

  5. I only procrastinate when I have a bunch of stuff to do. Then I get in a “mood” to blow through it. I need to spread it out more…

  6. Thanks for the reminder! I am prioritizing activities to make steps every day toward my goals.

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