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Do Some Research if You are on a Job Search


It is wonderful to know your search for work will be more successful if you do some research.


There comes a time in the lives of most adults when they must look for a work. It does not matter if you are a traditional employee, an entrepreneur or a freelancer. Unless you are independently wealthy, you must earn income and in order to do so, you must look for work. Once upon a time, when people were looking for work things were simple. People would get the Sunday edition of the local newspaper and it would be filled to the brim with listings from all kinds of employers trying to find employees to fill job openings. Today, the Sunday newspaper editions, where they exist, are slim and have few listings. One is more likely to find jobs via the internet job boards, social networking sites and LinkedIn.

In this age of ever-increasing changes in technology, jobs, and the marketplace it is simply not possible to look for work as one once did. It is important to do research before beginning a job search. It is no longer prudent to do things as one once did. You must keep up-to-date with changes in industries and technology. Before looking for work as an employee, entrepreneur or freelancer, research. Take stock of what type of work is available for people with your skill set, tastes, and income requirements. Learn where the work is available. Study trends in the marketplace to determine the prospects for the work you want to do. Keep in mind jobs that are available today may not be available or needed a year from now. The fact that a job that is available today, may not be available next year does not make that job desirable. To the contrary, that job is worth taking. If you take it, take it with the knowledge that you will be doing something different in the near future and prepare for that future

When doing research, take care to look at a variety of sources:

  • Newspapers (print and online)
  • Blog articles
  • Company websites
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Industry Publications


No matter what the state of the economy, there is work available. What changes is the pay scale, the nature of the work and the industries. You must research so that you know and understand what is available to you at the current time. Research may well be the thing that makes your search for work end in success.


[Twitter “When looking for work, don’t rely on old information, do research to find out what new things are on the horizon.”]


In conclusion, it is wonderful to know your search for work will be more successful if you do some research. So, the question for you this wonderful day is what type of research can help you with your job search?

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