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Don’t Procrastinate – Plan in Advance


It is terrific to figure out how to act instead of procrastinate and as a result get things done is to prepare in advance. There are almost as many cures for procrastination as there are people procrastinating. One thing that may help you to procrastinate less is to prepare in advance for what needs to be done. Almost everyone has heard the expression,  “if you fail to plan,  you plan to fail.”

Procrastinate is commonly defined as postponing to do something often as a regular habit. In other words, a person who chooses to procrastinate usually doesn’t procrastinate about one thing, but about many things, on a regular basis. It is not a good thing to procrastinate. People who procrastinate on a regular basis look for cures, magic potions and miracles to help them act instead of procrastinating. The plain, simple and honest answer is that it is not easy to stop procrastinating and start acting. However, as with most things of value, it is worth the work to learn tricks to put an end to procrastination and start acting.

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One way to act instead of procrastinating is to plan in advance. Start by deciding what needs to be done. It is a good idea to put in writing the thing you want to get done. This can be with old trusted and true pen and paper or it can be electronic so it can be stored on a phone, tablet, laptop or in the cloud. Once a plan is in writing, it is naked and plain. It is human nature to want to fill in details. When you see what you want to do in writing you will want to fill in a date for it to be done. You will want to fill in any steps or sub-routines needed to complete the plan. Once the plan is in writing and there are due dates assigned for the task start moving on it. Each day work on the plan. It is like eating an elephant. You can eat an elephant one bite at a time. You can accomplish your goals if you don’t procrastinate, but just do a little work each day.



The plan just listed above involve work. It takes work to write the plan down. It takes work to fill in the details, dates and to start doing work instead of continuing to procrastinate. However, it must be done. The reward at the end of the tunnel is satisfaction, pride, accomplishment, and success. These are things worth working towards.

In conclusion, it is terrific to figure out how to act instead of procrastinating and as a result get things done. So, the question for you this terrific day is, have you prepared in advance so you do not have to procrastinate?

Janeane Davis

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  • Procrastination ruins your momentum and makes you miss out on opportunities.

  • I agree, procrastination is a bad thing. My Mom always told me "Do today what you can do for tomorrow"

  • I am guilty of this sometimes and when I do it I don't get things done. I should really stop procrastinating.

  • Yes, we should be consistent, Procrastination only delays us from out goals.

  • This is good! I tend to procrastinate, with the excuse that I thrive in chaos (when rushing). But I do regret making plans a lot of times

  • I'm a total planner! I try to start a list every morning of at least 5 things I want to accomplish today! I tweeted this too!

  • I'm a horrible procrastinator. Always have been. I try to plan things out and stay organized, but it always seems to fail.

  • In every steps we make, planning ahead is a must for positive results.

  • I need to get better about CONSISTENTLY planning ahead. I'll make a to do list one day and then won't do it again for two weeks!

  • I am such a procrastinator. That is just how I am.

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