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You Don’t Have to Be Scared to Let Your Children Use the Internet — 17 Comments

  1. With both of my kids on the internet everyday, I need to look into this! I really worry about their cyber safety!

  2. My kids can use the internet on their tablets. I do however have strict parental controls on it to prevent them from seeing bad stuff.

  3. With two young kids this looks perfect to see what they are up to. Being afraid of the internet is a thing of the past!

  4. This is a great way to control access to the internet. I have a teenager and it would be awesome to be able to shut down her access at a certain time, like when she is supposed to be sleeping.

  5. I need this. I love that you can shut off the internet for certain devices but leave it on for others. I wish we had Verizon here.

  6. Great tips on online safety. My two boys are almost ready to be immersed into internet fully and this knowledge can give us peace of mind.

  7. I have two kids that will be using the internet very soon. I will have to take a look at this for my house. I have been looking for a way to keep them safe online.

  8. I would have loved this when my kids were younger. i will have to share this with my friends with kids.

  9. These are great to know about! I don’t have little ones at home anymore but I definitely need to pass this along to my nephew for his kids.

  10. This is really amazing! I love that there are tools like this to help parents monitor their children’s use of internet!

  11. We’re expecting our first very soon and I know I’ll have to think about how technology will advance by the time he can start using the Internet. This post was still helpful for me though!

  12. I’m sure the parents out there will be thankful for the valuable information you have provided. I don’t have any children.

  13. That is a great way to keep kids safe on the internet. You can never be too cautious these days, but kids have to know how to navigate the internet. Everything nowadays is on the internet, so they need to know how to use it.

  14. Great tools especially for today’s society and you can never be to cautious.

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