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You Don’t Have to Be Scared of Tax Time! — 14 Comments

  1. I purchased on of these last week as I am starting to get organized for next years taxes. It was rough this past year

  2. Love that label maker. Tax time is stressful, but you have some good tips.

  3. We can still file pretty easily and I’ve always done our taxes thanks to a computer program. I love these tips and I so need one of those printers!! I use so much ink printing stuff off with our printer. This would make life a lot easier and more organized!

  4. I like all the options for layouts and styles. It sounds like a great investment to me.

  5. I am not scared at all. I have my spouse keeping hold of the business records for the accountant. Good tips here.

  6. I need this. I just did my 2015 taxes and it became clear that I need to be more organized.

  7. My husband is very organized when it comes to tax time. But we don’t have a label maker, maybe I’ll talk him into it for next year. Thanks for the great tips!

  8. I feel sorry for those people whose taxes are so detailed. We are lucky that we can still final pretty easily.

  9. I really do need to get more organized for taxes – and that was apparent this year. Hubby works from home and we moved to a different state. All the changes really complicated things.

  10. Tax time is such a pain. I just find it so annoying getting all that stuff together. You pay all year….then you usually have to pay more!!

  11. My husband is an accountant, so we were very prepared over here 🙂 Great tips!

  12. Great tips on how to get organized for tax time. I’m going to get things together for next year so it isn’t a rush! #client

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