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Draft 7/20/12 Fantastic Friday – Share a Fantastic Tip

Fantastic Friday – it is fantastic to learn a new tip that makes life your quality of life better.

Every one has one. You know, everyone has a little secret way of doing something or a fantastic little short cut that makes something you do go a lot smoother or a little better. It is a little piece of amazing that is your secret. Today is a fantastic day to share a special tip you have that will make life better for someone else. When a friend has a tip or secret for making life better, be happy for her. Copy the tip if it will work for you. Ignore it if it won’t work for you. Just live and let her live.

Check out this song, “Can I Live” from T-Bone that talks about living your life, thanking God for success and not being upset at the success of others:

Since we can all use a few tips to make life better, I’ll start the conversation with a few of my favorite tips:

1.     Use a headset with your  cellular phone so that you can take note on your phone conversations or add items to you to do list and calendar when you hear about it the first time

2.      Use your cellular phone to keep track of your grocery list, you almost never for get to bring it with you, but a piece of paper is often left behind

3.     Put all events from your children’s school calendar in your calendar on your phone or computer at the beginning of the school year so you won’t forget them later

4.     Back up the phone numbers on your phone, tablet or computer to an online source and to old fashioned paper in case your technology fails

5.     If your computer has an SD drive keep an SD card in your computer and back up important files to the SD drive on a regular basis

6.     Keep a backup copy of all your internet user names and passwords so you can retrieve them easily in case you forget everything

7.     Bookmark your favorite websites like this one, www.janeanedavis.blogspot.com  so that you can get to them quickly and easily

8.     Ask your friends to share their fantastic tips with you

You have read a few of my fantastic tips. Now it is your turn. So the question for you this Fantastic Friday is what tip can you share that will make life better for someone else?

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