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Women's History Month

Dream Big Dreams and Live Them


“A person is the product of their dreams. So make sure to dream great dreams. And then try to live your dream.” Maya Angelou


Women’s History Month is a great time to look at the words of Maya Angelou and the lessons they have for entrepreneurs. This quote shared above has 3 lessons for entrepreneurs. These lessons are:


  • Dreams can come true
  • It takes work to make a dream come true
  • You can live the life you dream


Dreams can come true


Dreams are powerful things. Dreams – those movies that come to our minds when we sleep or the things that make up our greatest hopes and desires are not just make-believe. The things we dream can come true. When I was 5 years old I dreamed about the things I wanted and how I wanted life to be when I was 30. I wanted to be married, have a baby and be a lawyer. I accomplished those things. When I did I laughed at my 5-year-old self and said, that I should have dreamed bigger.


Since that point, I have made it a plan to dream big, bold and audacious things. The bigger and bolder the more I like the dream. I like to dream because I know my dreams are powerful and that they can become my reality. When you dream dreams, enjoy them, savor them. More than anything else, when you dream dreams, make sure that you understand that dreams can come true.



It takes work to make a dream come true


Dreams can come true, there is no doubt about that. What you must keep in mind is that dreams do not come true without work. Even the dream I had as a five-year-old. I didn’t end up a married lawyer with a baby. Indeed it took work to meet my husband, fall in love and get married. Even having a child took work. Becoming a lawyer took work. Nothing in that dream came true without work, a lot of work.


You can live the life you dream


The best thing about dreams is that you can live the life you dream. Your dream life can be your actuality. Your dream does not and should not be to live someone else’s life. You do not need someone else’s husband, children or job. You need to dream dreams and then do the work necessary so that you can make those dreams a reality. When you put in the work, your dreams become reality and can be the reality you live.


They say those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Entrepreneurs who want to succeed should ABL aka Always be Learning. So,  the questions for you this thrilling day are,  do you dream big dreams and are you putting in the work to make them a reality?