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Emotions Are Sometimes Crazy On the Job Hunt — 19 Comments

  1. I have been working on my resume this week. It is important to keep it updated. I always keep a few in the car in case an opportunity comes up.

  2. I would hate to have to go job hunting today. It is so hard to find a good job that you will like doing.

  3. Job hunting is a stressful time for sure. My teenagers have been fairly lucky so far with finding jobs.

  4. oh man. yes looking for a job a totally stressful. when you are looking for a job its like a job.

  5. It can definitely be incredibly stressful. I like the idea of recognizing joy in the moment though.

  6. We are starting the job hunt this year as my husband approaches the end of his schooling. It is so scary and stressful. I know we will end up where we are supposed to be!

  7. Oh, I agree with you. It’s always so stressful looking for a job and mix that with my anxiety and panic fears, goodness!!! That is a recipe for disaster. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  8. Job hunting was stressful for me at times. So glad to have finally found what I love to do so I hope to not to job hunt for awhile!

  9. Job hunting has always been stressful for me. Even if it was a switch I wanted to make, it’s tough to put yourself out there like that.

  10. I definitely agree with you here. It can be hard getting out there and looking for a job. I have not been job hunting in years. I stay at home and work on my blog. I’m very thankful for that though. I love setting my own hours and working from home.

  11. Ugh, tell me about it. I have been slowly trying to get back out there and it is a roller coaster 🙂 Thanks for letting me know it is totally normal

  12. I agree! Job hunting can be emotionally exhausting and fustrating! Also waiting for some good news can be nerve wrecking!

  13. I couldn’t imagine. I’ve been super lucky but I know how stressful and hard it can be for others. Thats for sure.

  14. I’m so glad at this point that we are not jobhunting because of the emotion that is involved with it. All I can say is hang in there when you’re looking for one eventually you will find what you’re looking for.

  15. It is definitely up-and-down with the emotions when you’re looking for a job. There was a time that we had a great job interview and they said they thought they’d hire us. They ended up hiring within the company so we were up at one point and then down at another point.

  16. I know exactly what you’re talking about here. In the past my husband has looked for a job and is taking a long time to find something. It can be very frustrating but once you find the right job the joy is outstanding.

  17. Looking for a job is always exhausting but whenever you are looking for a new job you have to be the best you can be. You have to present yourself like you are a million bucks and trudge forward!

  18. Job hunting IS emotionally exhausting. It takes so much effort to pump yourself up!

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