• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

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End of the Week Goal Check

For many people, the last day of the work week means it is time for an end of the week goal check.

It is a weird thing checking on one’s progress toward achieving her goals. For some people it is great because they succeed, they always succeed. Others are nervous because sometimes they succeed and sometimes they fail. Others never achieve their goals. No matter what category you fall into, be encouraged because you can become the kind of person who reaches her goals, good goals, and feels satisfaction.

For those of you who hit your goals this week, Excellent.

Here are two notes for the goal reachers. First, congratulations and good job. It is a wonderful thing to set out to do something and to achieve it. Your word is your bond, even your word to yourself. There is no one better to keep your word to than to yourself. I am happy you were able to reach your goals and succeed. Sit up straight, pat yourself on the back and then get moving on what you will accomplish next.

Second, make sure the goals you are setting are good goals. I used to hit my goals all the time, more than the women in my accountability group, but they were making more money than me. Why? Because I was setting little punk goals that I could easily reach. When my group finally called me out, they helped me to set big, bold, and audacious goals that made me stretch, work, and strive to be great instead of mediocre.

If you are not reaching your goals, it is okay – for a minute.

Here is a note for those who are not reaching their goals. Your goals are not the whole of who you are. Your goals are important and you should try to achieve them. But, if you try and come up short, your value is not diminished. Here are some questions to ask if you are not reaching your goals.   Are your goals realistic? Are you setting goals that require 20 hours when you only have ten? Are you setting goals that are for a step or two ahead of where you are now? Are you quitting too soon? Let’s figure out why you are not setting your goals and make changes.

Here is a note for us all. In the coming years, surround yourself with people who are going to push you to reach your goals. Find a tribe of people who want to reach their goals and to be better this year than they were the year before. When you meet these people, give them compliments. I love compliments. I throw them around like I spread butter on bread – thick and rich! But, when they fall short, let them know. Use kind words, but let them know they are coming up short and need to do better. It may hurt, but some things hurt because they are supposed to hurt.

Stop back from time to time to let me know how you are doing reaching your goals. Or drop me a line at janeanedavis@janeanesworld.com because I would love to hear how you are doing.